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I got PVP for ya (ShadowBane)

Gamingtodaynews1e - I got PVP for ya (ShadowBane)


I’ll start with the negatives because most wont be able to really get into the game.

The game is old, was released in 2003. The game graphics are old obviously. The feel of the game is dated, point and click to move, standard way to adjust screen is with mouse push, but It can be adjusted using wasd for camera adjustment ease. This game is officially shutdown and is being run as an emulator. The game is not new player friendly. No quests directing, no real direction on how to play and what to do. There are more negatives, but that’s the big ones. If you’re looking for casual easy gaming as a new player it won’t be here. With time and understanding of the game, it becomes much easier.

The game is open pvp. You keep gear, but lose entire inventory. You will get killed in game, guaranteed.

Im not a spokesman for this emulator or game, I’m just trying to share with y’all a game that is unlike any other. So, take my random late night post as, random.

Shadowbane pretty much ruined gaming for me. I’m not here to bad mouth other MMOs… But the standard “cookie cutter” character specs ruin any game for me. If I can’t make my character unique, I’m done. This game allows for character building unlike any other. If you’ve never played, guaranteed you will build a shitty character if you don’t build following a template. However, after some time and experience you will have the ability to tweak and possibly build something outside of the meta, and it may be very effective.

There’s a discord here This will be the best place to find out more.


Look the game shutdown in 2009. They started with an emulator almost immediately after. It was buggy and unreliable at first, so I stopped following it. Stumbled upon it not too long ago almost a decade later and it’s everything I loved about the old game. Heart rate up trying to escape with some sweet loot while a pker is “on track”. Getting a solo defense kill when someone was trying to pk me. Winning a group vs group fight where I was able to do a lot of damage on my Warlock and we barely pulled out victorious…

Big questions for ex Shadowbane players.

Is the server reliable? I’ve had 0 crashes in over 60 hours played.

How’s the community? Very helpful for new players. More community more pvp!

Is China on the server? Hell yeah the pvp is good too.

What about all the multi boxers zerging the server? The emulator crew put a system in place to only allow one account to run per computer. You can run a second account, but it isn’t allowed to do anything outside of be there and soak up xp. This has eliminated those who multi box Zerg to win, but leaves the door open to power level your lowbies.

Are people actually playing? Random Tuesday night we had a 10vs13 mine fight, and there were other mines seeing action as well.

To finish this up… New players, you’re gonna have to give it time, but there’s nothing like it. Old players, you know you miss it!

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