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I hate the “scripted” attitude the MMORPG community has towards PVE

Gamingtodaynews1g - I hate the "scripted" attitude the MMORPG community has towards PVE

In every MMO, unless you access a dungeon or raid on day one, there's always 1 or 2 strategies for each boss fight that the entire playerbase decides you must execute. Rather than a fight requiring you to respond to mechanics as the developers intended, generally players will find a way to "Cheese" the fight, and the expectation is that you execute a script perfectly, and if you deviate from the plan, just wipe.

Best example I have is Gorseval in Guild Wars 2. There's a mechanic where the group is supposed to break a barrier on the edge of the arena, glide off, and use an updraft to get back up. No one does this, because players realized that if you dps fast enough, you can skip it and save time. If you end up short on DPS, the group just decides to reset rather than actually try the barrier mechanic.

Another is Vale Guardian. You're supposed to have 4 people go into circles to avoid the entire group taking something like 75% health damage. No group does this, because it's faster to just have all 10 players sit on top of each other and have the healer outheal it.

Or in Tera, Manaya's core(Pre-nerf). Players realized you can just skip the 2nd boss's wipe mechanic by jumping in the corner in the right spot, so people don't even try on it. Or the final boss's first stage, the healer just kites all of the mobs by running in circles for 10 minutes rather than the group dealing with them.


It seems very rare that I find any group willing to adapt their strategy to fit the group because it isn't the "right" way. Group is failing the strategy the guide suggested? Can't deviate from the plan, just need to brute force it until every player has mastered the routine.

And the thing is, developers NEVER fix these cheese strats that players discover unless they're so game breaking to the point where you 1 shot the boss. Once a boss fight is out and players have cleared it, it feels wrong to make it harder, so the strats stay.

Contrast this with a co-op game I played called Forced, a series of 25 trials that increase in difficulty. There's almost no guides for this game online as it's a niche game. So my friends and I actually had to strategize to beat each trial rather than just Googling the easiest strat.

Generally in MMOs, groups will expect you to watch a 20 minute video and read a guide outlining the prominent strategy before you even attempt the fight for the first time. Then you get in and the group spends 20 minutes discussing the strategy and roles. At this point I sometimes wonder why I play MMOs instead of just studying something useful.

Whatever happened to just learning as you go and adapting to fit the needs of your group?

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