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I hate when games punich you for buying into the false sense of urgency. [Pikmin 3 spoilers for sake of providing an example]

Gamingtodaynews1g - I hate when games punich you for buying into the false sense of urgency. [Pikmin 3 spoilers for sake of providing an example]

Posts are better with examples so I'll arbitrarly pull Pikmin 3 out of my recent experiences of the issue. It certainly applies to a lot more games than that though.

In Pikmin 3 you don't play as Olimar this time. When the people you do play as reach the planet, they realize they lost the most important part of their ship, and are therefor stranded. You soon learn that Olimar found it, and you need to find him and get it back before he leaves or you'll be stuck here forever, unable to bring back food you find to save your people from starvation.

I often like to buy into the false sense of urgency games present. It's more immersive that way. So I'm playing through Pikmin 3 only grabbing food sufficiently convenient to get while focusing on the main task of getting that part back. I was playing through with the plan in mind "First I'm going to find Olimar and get this ship part so that I'm not stranded, then go back to collect all the food to bring home.

Problem: As soon as you find and save Olimar, and recover the ship part, the game ends. The characters are like "kewl, we have the power to leave now" and take off. Proceeding to give me text saying "You f-ing suck player. You barely got any food you incompetent buffoon, everybody is going to die and it's your fault. Dick." Uh, no, it is not my fault, because that's not what the characters should have done. They should have said "ok, now that we made sure we got the part back before it was too late, we are free to focus on finding as much food as we can, and we'll leave when we have enough". Instead I had to load a save from before I saved Olimar and just pretend there was no urgent reason to find him asap while I did everything but tend to the main problem at hand.


Some form of punishment like this exists in sooo many games. Points of no return where side missions stop being available. Be it part of side missions or the main one, reaching a point where you just aren't powerful enough to do the supposedly time sensitive task, because they want you to ignore it to go pick flowers until you level up first. "Adventurer, can you please save my daugher from the serial killer that kidnapped her, but only after you clear a bunch of caves of monsters minding their own business."

Whatever form the punishment for buying into the fake urgency takes, it feels like bad design. In fact, I would rather a game punish me for not buying into the urgency (making it real rather than fake) and ignoring a time sensitive task. Showing up at the serial killers hideout and finding the girl already dead because I f'd off to go clear random monster gaves first instead of getting there in time feels better than trying to go straight there and hitting a proverbial wall with a sign saying "What are you doing here? Ignore her and do other stuff first."

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