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I have an idea for a dna based caveman mmo, i know you get alot of ideas and “my perfect mmo’s” but this one is aiming to be unique instead of perfect (long post)

Gamingtodaynews1g - I have an idea for a dna based caveman mmo, i know you get alot of ideas and "my perfect mmo's" but this one is aiming to be unique instead of perfect (long post)

So i know it sounds wonky, "a dna based mmo?" "Cavemen?"

The premise is a archeologist finds remains of a superior humanoid that lived alongside dinosaurs never before seen, and you the player would be playing as one of those humanoids, it's one of those time based narrative where things play out simultaneously in past and present.

Now where the dna comes in.

Instead of a skill tree type progression your character would use the elder scrolls style of "you gotta use it to get better at it" but "IT" would be mostly passive skills engrained in your dna as "genes".

You're gonna start off with base beginner gene skill set like (speed boost when you engage in combat) or (enhanced hunting ability) you're very much encouraged to reroll and keep making new characters to get your wanted base skill set.

"But wouldn't that encourage a meta and force people to play a certain way"

Well yes, and no.

The game would have a mating/breeding/castration system. This would inherently spur interaction, communication and teamwork. How would it work?

As you level your skills and evolve and gain more you won't all have the same ones, the skills will not only be rolled randomly but also have different rarities, meaning some genes can be SUPER rare, as well as be dominant and passive. You whether you be male or female will have to find someone else to share your genes with, then both of you will have access to new generation characters sporting those combined genes.

"Well what if people wont willingly share with me"

Well this is where the castration/breeding comes in. Defeat the person with the genes in combat and you get access to their dna, but not only do they keep their character of course, you also wont get access to their full gene set. So while you can just go around pvping for better builds in the end you'll really need to team up to get access to the full scope of gene skills.

"Well why would i want to do this"

This gets you access to mid game, and late game content, as well as eliminates the meta. How?

The point IS to have a perfected build. Beginner content will give you the basics as well as access to all areas, but you WILL NOT SURVIVE. Mid game content is the start to pvp and fighting mpre major flora and fauna. But end game? Legendary bosses, enemies, locations to settle with your clans and groups.


If you can traverse the dangerous lands to get there. Enough health, armor, and skills to survive? Not likely. UNLESS YOU CREATE THE PERFECT LIFEFORM.

Instead of classes you would have types of humanoids that offer base advantages towards specific stats then you allocate points to the rest and then they level up passively as you play the game and level in general, some types may or may not have access to high rarity gene types, so a shorter more stocky humanoid having access to a higher jump gene? Probably not, but the ability to throw a stone axe with such force and skill it boomerangs? Yeah, thats more up your alley.

The game would unfortunately be more akin to fallout 76 with the npc's. You would have small settlements in the starting area, different established clans and groups, but you're not gonna get these big flourishing hub like kingdoms, the most would be tree settlements that stretch across forest tops the size of villages.

There wouldn't be a item system instead replacing it with a blueprint system, think monster hunter. This also semi reduces meta because instead of grinding bosses for a chance at a weapon drop with certain stats and looking for that "god roll" you're instead hunting known animals for their resources, you WILL get T – Rex hide from one.


The creations are meant to be disposable. Youre building spears and axes and clubs to throw and expect to lose in battle, which also adds a dynamic to combat, the ability to pickup and throw weapons, "but what if people just bait others into combat to take their weapons?"

This wouldn't really be a good strat because weapons are made to be disposable. Holding onto a weapon will only be a detriment as it becomes obsolete a level later or as you find a new recipe or evolve an older one. Picking up an enemy's weapon serves 3 purposes: taking it from them, arming yourself, and learning its blueprint (with the caveat of having to defeat the opponent to learn it, you cant just take it and run or you'll just have a weapon with ???? Stats and descriptions unless you already know how to make that weapon)

Blueprints are akin to Cod MW. They are there to set a creation in stone with some BPs being found in the wilderness so just like MW you can create the same blueprint from raw materials it just wont look the same and most likely will require a different set of materials to make.

The game would also have life skills as a necessity, everyone will basically be beginner hunters. But if you learn to fish you can be a god on water, as well as if you become skilled with a bow you can hunt the skies. If youre just a high level bad ass you'll be waxing top level monsters for their meat stuffs. Also processing will have it various skill sets, like processing flora, fauna, raw materials for weapon and armor.

There would be a brotherhood/sisterhood mechanic that links you and another player giving you certain buffs and notifications tho it requires meeting certain requirements.

Theres a marriage/relationship mechanic strictly male/female that adds buffs and modifications towards the mating/breeding/castration mechanic.

There will be an end game base building system

A Day/night cycle with its various implications

Very simple food/water/weather systems with these things offering various minor buffs/debuffs that isn't too crippling so you're not constantly thinking about gathering and eating like a survival game, as well as your health depleting because youre wearing furs in a desert. Its something more like too much heat = stamina drains faster, hungry = stamina recovers slower, etc.

The new generation of cavemen you make will have their base starting stats and genes boosted and their potential bar raised higher as you continue to make and refine new humanoids.

The passive/dominant system will work like: you have certan traits/gene skills in certain slots, if the traits/gene skills match theyll get a boost, if they dont and they're both dominant you get both, if they're both passive its a toss up to which you get, if ones dominant and the others passive you get the dominant. Whether a specific trait/gene skill is either passive or dominant is a toss up with some being constant.

Some will be locked, i.e. as you make new generations some traits/gene skills will be engrained in the dna and set aside as a permanent part of your humanoid, and further spawns from said humanoid. In which case, whatever new DNA you add to your "collection", anything matching that locked T/GS will just boost the T/GS and leave the slot open for a random roll.

There will be an inbreeding mechanic that stops people from just grinding out new gens by (A) (limiting it to first cousins. So if a guy makes 1 NG with woman A and 1 NG with woman B, the resulting 2 NG's can make a 3rd inbred NG) and (B) (making this 3rd gen spawn with buffs BUT with debuffs as well.)

This is what i have so far, tell me what you think 😄

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