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I have some questions for the “MMORPGs are dead” crowd.

Gamingtodaynews1g - I have some questions for the "MMORPGs are dead" crowd.

This isn't bait, I'm genuinely interested.

First, the background, so you know when I'm coming from. Started playing online in the late 90s with Diablo 1 and Ultima Online, then I played an insane amount of classic DAoC (pre-Trial of Atlantis), which I still consider the best MMORPG in history. After that, GW1, Aion, GW2, a few stints on Eve online at various stages. Then nothing until ESO came out, but it was a hopeless trainwreck at release, so I quit almost immediately. Then a few months on ESO a couple years ago. Not terrible, but I was bored after 2-3 months.

So basically I didn't put any major effort into any MMORPGs since 2013, because I don't like the current state of the market. I don't like the payment models, I don't like the chore list of daily/weekly shit to do, I don't like railroaded games, I don't like PvP with no consequences.

Do I think the genre is dead? Fuck no. MMORPGs are still printing money. Sub numbers may be stagnant, but revenue is not. There are several big games to choose from and there are several minor games with a completely different approach to the genre (EVE, Wurm online, Haven and Hearth, Legends of Aria and so on). The big ones are still churning out updates and expansions, so the market is actually very healthy.

The market is fine, but it doesn't meet my personal taste. So I, an adult person with a non-infinite income, decide to spend my money elsewhere.

Now, the real point. There's basically the same thread popping up almost daily in this subreddit. The good old days are gone, current games are garbage, the genre is dead or will be dead in a couple years, developers don't know what players really want.

After the whining, there's always the same moral. The author invariably comes to the same conclusions:


– Modern players have no taste.

– Old school players are also guilty, because they are doing nothing to improve things

– Anyone who dares to disagree with the "MMORPGS are dead" tirade is a sheep. I'm quoting one random sample from the most recent of these threads:

So what I'm getting from most of these discussions is that most of you here have incredibly low standards and are not willing to put in the effort to think what MMORPGs could be.

Shallow minded, stuck up, and uncreative.
You see a resemblence here ? Thats exactly how I would describe the modern market.
You are the problem – and I guess no matter what anyone says to you – you will not try to change for the better.

This is one example, but it's always the same. The author always thinks of himself as a person of higher moral and intellectual standards, compared to the uneducated masses of sheep.

Now, the real questions. And I'm asking for concrete answers here, not the usual empty rhetoric and catch phrases.

What are YOU doing to change things "for the better"? (to quote that clown)

Since you have all the answers, what's the practical solution to fix this MMOs decline?

What do you know that developers don't know?

Why are you still giving them money if the entire genre is now garbage?

If you are going to spew some more of the "I'm better than you" garbage move along because I'm not interested. I want to see something concrete here.

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