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I haven’t played any games with intent in the last 3 months and I’m confused, thoughts?

Gamingtodaynews1b - I haven't played any games with intent in the last 3 months and I'm confused, thoughts?

Bit of an off my chest, but I would like to hear the thoughts of those who might relate.

tldr; 27M, played games since 5y/o, suddenly lost the want to play games due to games feeling padded, fluffy, not worth their price point. Has other hobbies to fill time but feeling like I've lost a piece of myself.

As it says above. I have played games since I was a child, OOT on the N64 was the game that truly feels like the cornerstone of what made me love video games.

Now I'm 27, I have played games my whole life, Twilight Princess, Starfox, Dynasty Warriors etc. etc., and along came LoL and to a lesser extent MMO's. I've never been a very competitive person, rather, a team focused one. I loved playing with my friends and succeeding as a team when we played online, the jokes and banter was an added bonus.

Between 21-25, I sunk a lot of time into LoL, OW, Apex and dipped into the odd MMO as my friends by and large were primarily PC players. After some duds we found FFXIV, and it was fun but the tedium of grinding and repetitive content started to feel unfulfilling. It also doesn't help when your friend group is inconsistent with logging in and/or blitz's on and doesn't want to wait.


Skip ahead to today, I've only played single player games like before but was losing the spark for it. Games felt like money squeezers, lazy, and encouraged long time consuming sessions to feel any benefit. We a 40hr/wk job and side hobbies like anime, camping, hiking, and self teaching japanese I haven't played anything for any significant amount of time this past few months and haven't finished a single game in years. I can't will myself to play anymore, the thought of trudging through a game that would probably be better enjoyed as a book feels more than underwhelming. What I suppose I'm getting at is the games feel overly padded, an expenditure of time on entertainment that could be better enjoyed instead of "run here, kill X of this, get cutscene", "run here, run back, get cutscene" like books/anime which (most of the time) just give you the good stuff.

Most of my other friends are a year or two younger and don't have a solid job or as many hobbies, or have benign ones that you can do whilst playing like netflix etc. Just one the same age as me wants to play together and we've tried to find a game we could play together but we always end up saying, "but time.."

So I suppose I'm just feeling a bit lonely and a bit lost, like I've lost a piece of me, my friend circle and my biggest and oldest hobby. Sorry for the wall !

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