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I like loot boxes more than battle passes.

Gamingtodaynews1e - I like loot boxes more than battle passes.

I can already hear the pitchforks and torches.

I understand the criticism against loot boxes. I completely understand it. It does seem predatory to prey on psychological factors in order to keep consumers playing the game. But I still like them more than battle passes.

I’ve noticed some games, most notably COD, have opted to focus on battle passes over loot boxes, and a lot of people are praising them for this. I’ve always felt like battle passes are less rewarding. It’s basically saying, here’s 100 items that you and anyone else who buys the battle pass will be earning. That character skin, those decals, these weapon skins, will be the same as all those other players who also dropped money for it. It loses its excitement when awarding a new item. I’m a big COD fan, and I always buy the battle pass (mainly because I bought the first one and always earn enough points for the next) and I just feel less rewarded through it. I actually miss loot boxes. Like, cool, I get this character skin at level 10, well so did half the other players, so I don’t feel too accomplished with it.

When you open a lootbox, you’re anticipating what your going to get. It’s fun opening it and seeing something orange or purple and knowing you got something that a lot of the other players you play against don’t have or aren’t using. Ironically, CSGO and TF2 (games I love, BTW) seem to get a pass for lootboxes, even though the only way to open them was by paying.


Along with this, Activision has resorted to putting all of the best items behind paywalls, like most battle pass games. See this cool cowboy outfit you want for your favorite character? That’ll be $25 for the pack and there’s no other possible way of getting it. At least with lootboxes, you can get those super rare and cool items without spending money on them if you’re not that desperate.

I personally think the game that did it best was Modern Warfare Remastered. That game had lootboxes, but you could get any item with scrap, which you got from duplicates. Along with that, every single item was part of a set that gave you something awesome when it was completed, giving value to the more common items. With this system, just about every lootbox had something you wanted, either a good item, a duplicate giving you scrap for something you don’t have, or a common item that isn’t great, but gets you closer to completing a set and getting something amazing.

I’d love to return to the MWR system, but I feel that’s never going to happen, which is a shame. I do like how Apex Legends combines battle pass and lootboxes, nice touch.

TL;DR: I enjoy slot machines.

P.S. I don’t understand why battlepass items have rarities like rare and legendary. We’re all getting the same items, how the hell are they legendary?

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