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I lost hope in the PvP MMORPG.

Gamingtodaynews1e - I lost hope in the PvP MMORPG.

I welcome everyone, I wanted to express a couple of thoughts in my first message on the reddit.

I’ll start from the very beginning, one sultry spring day I bought a metal box with Warhammer Online disks many years ago and this turned my idea about the MMO genre upside down.

It all started even earlier when my friends played Lineage 2 and WoW before Leach King. I liked the idea of ​​the sandbox, where I have many opportunities to move away from the standard path, to do side activities, and MMORPG made it possible to encounter other people who could do crazy things, unlike scripted mobs or NPCs.

Then, in those deep times, I wondered why they didn’t give enough rewards for killing players so that this would become the main thing in the game?

It was a magical time to play WAR, you farm not mobs but players, the higher the level of the enemy, the greater the reward. War is everywhere, starting with character creation. Fractional class differences. A huge number of battlegrounds, Real RvR, a system of lock zones, forts, capitals and much more. PVE is poorly presented, but there was something to farm and there were dungeons that could be invaded.

For some reason, it seemed to me that this game will become a template for future projects, which will be worked out in more detail, but the PvP core will remain. Trying new MMORPGs my dreams slowly faded away.


The only ray of hope was GW2. Great combat. Balanced sPVP. The best mass PvP combat on WvW. Everything is perfect in action but not in space. There is no GvG battleground, which was supposed to be even before the expansion pack, if the developers at least listened a little to the WvW players. Such a potential is simply lost. For too long, there have been bad rewards for sPvP, there was no elo system before season 5, and many unfulfilled promises that seem to be forgotten. Of course, this is enough of a separate large article that was promised and what were the mocking answers that there is PvP content in the expansion pack and other updates that looked like a gnawed bone for a dog.

Excuse me if I get a little put in expressions, but we all play roles here.

I have a sad conclusion that the developers of modern MMORPGs consider PvP-orinited players to be subhumans, for whom you can not release anything new, for them it is enough that they already exist, let them continue to cook in forgotten content. And when there are very few players left, you can close this failed part.

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