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I love Cancer

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I'm addicted to Chiv's cancer, everything that's wrong with it makes me love it more.

Let us take a moment to appreciate that this hive of scum and villany still has its good side. And by good side I mean those who run around laughing, team in ffa, don't give much of a sh*t and just generally wanna have a good time at the expense of the local archers. There's still that side. Only noobs talk of exploits (though, yeah, they're exploits – either you give up or learn to play the game properly, complaining don't change a damn thing), but the veterans (rank 30 +) bring this cancerous dynamic overflowing with homosexuality, unwanted personal anecdotes, and the odd inappropriate joke. That's what's beautiful. These lads sometimes have no sense of honor or fair play, but they're still a jolly good time to hang around — and I am more than proud to be one of them. This part of the cancer is what got me, personally, to keep at Chiv so long. I like chopping off heads as much as the next guy, but it's that wonderful cancer that keeps me going back. That wonderful cancer.


Any other veterans here who love the social aspect of the cancer?

Let's not appreciate Chiv for what it should have been, for what it would have been (if, if if,), for what it could have been, or for what it isn't. Let's appreciate it for what it is. While it still lives, let us love it for it is.

The Devs don't give a shit, the only character this game has is the character we've given it. Don't go complaining, it won't change anything – it can't change anything. Just dig in to the buffet of carange, depravity, and quality humor.

Thank you brother


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