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I miss that feeling of descending into a lost world that was present in the Tomb Raider games before the reboot

Gamingtodaynews1g - I miss that feeling of descending into a lost world that was present in the Tomb Raider games before the reboot

In the older games like Legend and mostly just Anniversary there was always this feeling of the tombs being these deep and lost worlds where humans haven't stepped in hundreds of years.

For example the Tomb Raider: Anniversary level in Greece where first you're out side a simple looking monastery, and then you enter it and open a gate and you start a descend into an ancient greek tomb with many statues and rooms and god-themed rooms and a freaking colosseum and a mystical statue of Midas that turns you to gold.

And in Tomb Raider: Legend you enter a museum themed around the King Arthur legend, and at first it seems it's just a shitty closed down museum. But then you enter a dead end and Lara says "it feels like there's more to this". And then you crash a cargo transport car through it and you crash through a wall and enter the real ancient tomb of King Arthur's burial place.

I just miss this feeling in the newer games and I desperately wish for Tomb Raider to return to this feeling of entering places you're not supposed to be. It felt like descending into the abyss to me and like you just keep going deeper into a mystical ancient location.

I also miss the magic and monsters of Tomb Raider. The newer games feel too grounded in reality. Tomb Raider 2012 barely had any mystical feelings about it to me. The thing I liked the most was some hidden tomb that was a Soviet base with an electrified body of water because it reminded me of the Soviet base level from Legend. And like, yeah sure Rise of the Tomb Raider has a real descend into the underworld with zombies and a strange glacial location at the end. Shadow of the Tomb Raider has more tombs I guess and has some semi-magical aspects.


The newer games with the open world and constant encounters with human enemies never really get that feeling of descending into any lost worlds. It feels like you cross around an open world and scratch the surface sometimes of some ancient tombs. But then you don't get to deep digger than that. It just ends there after like 30 minutes max of tomb gameplay that consists of like 3 rooms at most.

I just miss the old Tomb Raider so much. The secret deleted ending of Shadow of the Tomb Raider made me so hopeful that the next games would return to the old style of mythical locations with real monsters and real magic.

Does anyone sympathize with this notion of what's missing in the new games? I feel like I don't see discussion about it much and I honestly feel like the new trilogy robbed me of the Tomb Raider I loved and replaced it with an Uncharted-like shooter series with some smaller mystical aspects that are often about people and have nothing to do with mythical monsters or descending into the abyss.

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