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I only like a VERY specific genre, recommendations?

Gamingtodaynews1e - I only like a VERY specific genre, recommendations?

Hey, Before you tell me to google, hear me out. I've googled this to no end, and I just want to have a conversation with you instead of reading 4-year-old posts. I don't mean for this to be a list post because I want to have a discussion about if/why gamers like me exist and the types of games that can mesh with us (Because clearly the popular games don't)

I have been gaming for almost my whole life starting on the Wii, but over the last few years, I kinda stopped gaming even though I really wanted to play. Most games couldn't hold my attention. even games that are the "best games ever" like TW3, Borderlands 2, Skyrim couldn't hold my attention.

Now recently I played BotW and I got hooked. Played 150 hours over a few weeks and I loved every second of it. I tried to replicate that adventure feeling with AC: Odyssey but I just got bored (I'm pushing through because I haven't left the starting island yet, but if thing stay like this I'll probably stop playing it as well)

So basically what I'm asking is: is there any game that replicates the pure adventure and exploration-based gameplay of BotW? Some of the criteria I found that help my experience are:

  • Heavily Exploration-based and rewards your curiosity
  • can save when I want (Borderlands had the issue where I can't save until I complete a mission. I can't enjoy games like this because I have other obligations to attend to, and ADHD makes it so that I start getting bored VERY quickly. Having to slog through a mission like that makes it a drag for me)
  • No complex levelling system (Basically I don't like Min-Maxing a character. Eventually after playing long enough, I want to be able to use all the abilities to the fullest)
  • Non-clunky controls (TW3 had the issue of EXTREMELY clunky controls and combat.)
  • NO SEX/NUDITY!! (This one is big. Being stuck at home, my parents walk into my room at random times and I don't want a sex scene on my screen when mom calls for dinner. The main reason I couldn't get into Witcher is that I always had to be on my toes for nudity so I couldn't just get immersed. Language is fine)
  • Simple to understand. I don't like having 30 waypoints and arrows and all that jazz on my screen. This is also why I prefer the simplistic Zelda artstyle, so much easier to see where I'm going and what I'm doing.

Can anyone recommend me any games that you think I'd like? even if it doesn't fit the mold perfectly, I can give it a shot. Also, I'm not sure whether to keep playing or refund AC: Odyssey. Does it get better after the main island area?

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