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I really need relationship advice with my gamer husband

Gamingtodaynews1e - I really need relationship advice with my gamer husband

I know this has been talked about multiple times but honestly, i need advice.

We have been together for 6 years and he has always been a gamer. It was a somewhat of a non-issue the first few years. He was still in college and didn't have a good PC back then. He then got a ps4 and a good PC. Might I say more. Back then i even bought an Xbox to play (you ps4 hoes, dont talk shit about my xbox it was a Halo limited edition and i loved it) but i mostly played alone bc i didnt have friends to play with. Sometimes we would play together in one console or in our computers, but i play to have fun and he plays to win. He is always judging whatever i do bc i could do it better and he says "otherwise you wont learn" which is true, but i dont really care you know. I just want to have fun. He really ruined the fun for me and i almost dont play anymore.

Fast-forward to now and well, he spends every day playing around 10hrs. He HAS to sleep for 8 hours. That literally leaves 6 free hours of his day. My problem is not that he games, the problem is he rather spend time playing with his friends. And whenerver he spends time with me, i can FEEL he is itching ti go back and play. I know gaming is more that just playing, there is a sense of community, he has friends thet he talks to everyday… but thats the thing. I work 5 days a week, im the bread winner, im tired a lot and the little time i have free he spends with his friends online. He cleans very well when needed but thats basically it.


I talked to him and he said something about how all his friends have partners and they play.. yeah half of them are gay so their SO is a man too so the chat is all dudes. Whenever i try to play a game with him to have fun all his fucking friends join too and its not fun. Those are his friends, not mine.. I like them but its not like i want to spend my free time with them you know. He goes to bed at 5am every day, i go to bed around 11 and wake up at 7. Whenever i try to sleep all i can hear are his super excited screams when he is playing, when he dies, laughing.. all this fucking energy that he doesnt give me at all. I know it sounds selfish or like jealousy.. which might be the case. All his ideas about spending time with me involve playing a new game or some shit. I had to come up with one of those stupid jars with little papers saying an activity to do each day. I fell stupid and ignored and unimportant. I dont know what to do. Breaking up right now is not an option. I want to work through this but i dont know how. I dont want him to stop having fun i guess. I just want to feel im more important than a piece of software and some voices on his headset.

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