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I simply do not like Among Us and yes, I’m prepared to be downvoted into obscurity.

Gamingtodaynews1e - I simply do not like Among Us and yes, I’m prepared to be downvoted into obscurity.

Ok, buckle up. This isn’t a hate post, I just pretty much needed a place to vent and I expect most people will get mad that I don’t like the sacred Among Us.

First of all, I absolutely love the concept of Among Us. I love mysteries in general so I figured this game would be right up my alley… but boy was I wrong.

The main problem? People that play it, fucking suck.

Let me try to explain as best I can. I’m super tired and just dumping these thoughts into a post so it’s probably going to have a lot of typos.

So, I got the game a couple weeks ago both on my phone and PC. My friend plays weekly with his family/friends and said I could join them. All I’ve heard about the game is how fun it is, it’s a party game, it’s hilarious, etc.

I had seen the memes and it was only $5 so I said sure, why not? I didn’t want to seem like a complete noob when I played with my buddy, so I started playing with random people on my phone.

Of the 20+ games I played with randos, this was my general experience:

  • about 20% of people left immediately or randomly throughout the match.

  • about 25% of the time people would constantly call emergency meetings and the game became so frustrating that either people left or it was over within 3 minutes.

  • the games that were actually kind of fun were derailed by assholes who would ruin the game. “My friend told me blue is the imposter” or just actual assholes who would say ignorant and racist shit.

  • absolutely no skill required for crew members and also little to no fun overall.

I was disappointed and upset with the game and community.

I told my friend about it and he insisted it’s “so much better” with people you know. I saw his point so I decided to give it another shot.


We played about 10-15 games and if anything, I started to hate the game. Yes, there were a couple fun rounds and funny moments but for the most part, it was just annoying. In one of the games, someone convinced everyone I was the imposter and I was voted out. I wasn’t (and spoiler alert! He was!). I laughed it off and kept playing.

The next round, we were both crew mates and eventually (I didn’t call the meeting) I accused the same guy just for shits and giggles. I did essentially the same thing he did to me and sure enough, he was voted out. After the match was over, we all talked in discord and the guy I voted out said, “do you see why this is so fun now??”. I reluctantly agreed and kept playing but now that I’m thinking about it, it really wasn’t fun at all.

Like, I seriously have no desire to ever play again. Even when I “won” (once as imposter and a bunch of times as crew mate) I never felt a sense of accomplishment. I really don’t know what I’m missing but after ~50 games (I player with them another night and other random ones on my phone), I’ve come to the conclusion that this game just isn’t for me.

There are plenty of super popular/well reviewed games that I don’t care for but not liking Among Us truly makes me feel like I’m in the .0001% of gamers. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what makes me dislike it, but I can’t. Maybe it’s because most people that I’ve played with are super annoying or maybe it’s because I get no enjoyment out of lying to/accusing other players but I really don’t see myself playing again.

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