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I think Microsoft is onto something and may have a huge advantage over Sony going forward

Gamingtodaynews1b - I think Microsoft is onto something and may have a huge advantage over Sony going forward

To a lot of people, the console wars are stupid and I agree. But if there is one still, I think Microsoft may be in the advantage going forward. I think it really started with the Xbox one. Everyone hated it when it was first announced but to be fair, a lot of what the One was originally going for is starting to become the norm. And I think Microsoft is more prepared.

The Xbox one originally was hated when announced when Microsoft said it needed to be always online and huge focus on digital games. Back in 2012 and 2013 things were different and our lives and the way we watch media was in its infancy to what it is now. Today, millions have Netflix subscriptions and Hulu and many cut the cord. More people have better phones and even game on the phones. More people have faster internet it seems and it now is getting the point where the original intent of the Xbox one is actually starting to become reality. It just took years and patience from Microsoft. They are very invested in games pass and now the push to be able to play your games on your phone, tablet, PC etc. It's becoming more of a service for a flat fee and I think this may become the future of console gaming. Back in 2013 many thought all digital was nuts. Now both platforms have a dedicated only digital devices. Both Playstation and Xbox have subscription services and I think they are only poised to get bigger. This last generation Sony won because of better exclusives and that might be the case for most of this upcoming generation but I think Microsoft is onto something with the push for a service based gaming model across all different devices and huge catalog of subscription based games. Microsoft is in much better position to do this because of the seamless transition their xbox can be on Android and PC.


I think Sony is betting on its exclusive games and name to keep the Playstation going but eventually it will have to compete in what the Xbox is going for. Sony may sell more ps5s and games than xbox again for the next 5 years, but it eventually will get to the point only xbox is going to offer this service based so intelligently. But in all honesty, if Microsoft can get some killer exclusives and not mess up Halo or Forza and really keep expanding its game pass and being able to play your games over different platforms could be a winner. I dont know, it really excites me that I could pick up where i left off with my phone or computer when I'm bored and away from home.

I believe Microsoft saw where the market and how people are watching TV and playing games and made it priority to future proof itself. Today, people watch Netflix on their TV and then leave and watch it again on their phone. Subscription based services have become the norm. It seems that eventually this will be how we game on our consoles too and having a platform and service provide this out the gate is essential. It also doesn't hurt the series x will be the more powerful console. I truely believe Microsoft is just continuing its original vision when they unveiled the Xbox one and I think it will pay off eventually.

What do you guys think? Is Microsoft onto something that could actually make them the next generation console winner and be the future of console gaming?

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