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I wish games were shorter

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I personally think that most games are just too damn long. I know they are long because the majority of gamers demand this; they want huge (open) worlds with hundreds of hours of content. But for me that's just too much and more often than not, tedium just sinks in.

It's mostly story based games that I want to talk about here. Strategy or city building games are long pretty much by definition. Something like SimCity effectively never ends. I also get that MMO games are long which is kind of the point of them. They are more like a life investment where you are rewarded by the time you put into them. It's also mostly AAA games that I talk about here. I know short games exists especially in the indy scene but I wish AAA games were shorter too.

It's not because of time that I don't like long story based games. I have plenty of time. It's just that after a while (it depends) I usually feel like I've seen all the game has to offer and I want to move on to play something new.

I'll name Dragon Age 2 as a first example. I know this isn't the best game in the series and I know many find it a bad game in fact. But I actually enjoyed it for about 30 hours (which I think is long). After that I stopped playing because I have gotten to the point I felt the game offered nothing new. It's just moving from one fetch quest to the next and killing wave after wave (literally) the same enemies. Any loot I got or perks I could invest in when leveling up didn't feel very significant anymore so I just didn't care anymore.


If games are like this only a well-paced and focused story can entice me to continue. The Witcher 3 is an example of this. This game eventually became tedious and the open world ( I hate open world ) made things even worse; needlessly just padding out the gameplay. It was only the story and characters that made me eventually finish this -way-too-huge-of-a-game, albeit it took me a few years and many long breaks in between.

Conversely: the Witcher 1 and 2 didn't have this problem. They were both shorter, had more focused stories AND gameplay to prevent tedium from settling in. I finished these games without any such feelings and had a blast throughout.

Final example is Tomb Raider 2013. I am playing this now and I (hope) I'm almost finished with it. This may sound strange as I do love this game. I love the focused narrative, the linearity of the exploration and the action. However at about the 10 hour mark I began to feel the tedium. I have all the weapons I could possibly want, upgrades don't feel meaningful anymore, every next combat encounter plays out pretty much the same and exploration isn't very exciting anymore as I know pretty much what to expect around the corner. The story in this game is just good enough for me to continue, so I still plan on finishing it, but I'd rather have it end now than later.

So in conclusion I wish I could have shorter but more focused and meaningful experiences where the game can feel fresh from beginning to end without giving it the time to become stale and leave me with yet another unfinished game. It would allow me to experience more games also. I would have finished and liked DA2 if it were over after about 30 hours. Now I will probably never finish it nor ever recommended it.

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