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I would like to talk about toxicity/hostility from the gaming community towards the developers. I feel that the tool of communication that can be utilised to one’s advantage between the community and the developers is often abused.

Gamingtodaynews1f - I would like to talk about toxicity/hostility from the gaming community towards the developers. I feel that the tool of communication that can be utilised to one's advantage between the community and the developers is often abused.

So I want to highlight that I am not sure if this is an actual pattern or whether this is something that only happens to a select few that is blown out of proportion. I want to highlight that I do not exactly have any statistics to support these claims.

I just want to say that I feel that there is an issue within the gaming community that is often gone unnoticed or not talked about fully – the sense of hostility and toxicity towards developers.

We are already aware of the issue of toxicity in gaming and many people do what they can to tackle these issues – we often see the toxicity between players in matches, toxicity within gaming circles like in competitive fanbases or who thinks that a version of a game is better than another version (like a group who does not mind the action-oriented releases of Resident Evil and the hardcore fans who value the survival horror element of the games), and even between different gaming circles like who thinks which game is a better version of a certain genre (like who prefers Skyrim over Dark Souls as a medieval fantasy genre, or which fighting game is the best, or the Battlefield fan vs the Call of Duty games).

But I think that there is another version of toxicity and hostility that I often encouraged, that is the ones that are addressed towards the developers.

Similiar to the cult mentality post that I posted a while ago, I feel that there is a lot of unfair/toxic attitudes towards the developers despite that our needs and desires are often depends on what they can give us. I see this a lot on the comment sections or any type of reaction of anything that the developers do, whether good or bad – an update, a certain choice regarding art style, a tweak and a rework, a new release, a certain change and so on.

Now of course, I know that the developers and the publishers are not without any form of criticism –

  • many still hate microtransactions, there were moments that the publishers' use of communication with the fans where done incorrectly like the infamous EA comment about Battlefront 2 which was clearly sugarcoating,
  • Konami's ways on how it handled the Metal Gear Solid franchise and how they basically kicked out one of its most revered creators without respect or a clear explanation,
  • how Ubisoft fired the creator of the Assassin's Creed series without prior notice or explanation,
  • the poor releases of Mass Effect 3 (its ending) and Andromeda,
  • Blizzard removing support of anyone who supported the Hong Kong movement or backing away from its promises on the remake of Warcraft 3 or slightly demeaning its fans when they protested that they were making a Diablo game for mobile phones,
  • or Gearbox (or more accurately Randy Pitchford) use of PR and communication about certain games how it manages feedback from the fans like the Borderlands series

and so on.

I know that the gaming market is a big business and some people are more keen to think about the profits that are going to be made rather than the quality that of their products, or how people handle feedback and criticisms are often in poor taste.


However, even though I am not a developer and not that adept in gaming development and computing, I am aware that gaming development is a very complicated, tedious and elaborate process – there will be a lot of planning, communication and clashes between different entities, economic, legal, the shareholders, the executives and so on; certain promises and aims do not go as planned, there are the needs to be met financially as well as the quality that the developers are aimed to focus on, the long hours and the stress of making everything work as intended or make everything work in time, the last-minutes changes and the demands of the executives and the shareholders and the fans and so on.

It is no wonder that developers are known of having to go through a lot of stress or are sometimes treated unfairly by their companies because they keep on demanding more in little time, or how much they feel unappreciated for the amount of time they put into their games.

And at the same time, I feel that the fans also reinforce this stress and toxicity – it is as though the developers are the best in the world or they are not. Or the developers deliver to the fans exactly as what the fans wanted, or they are the worst in the world.

Again, developers are not immune to criticism – Fallout 76, No Man's Sky, Cyberpunk 2077, and so on.

However, I feel that this situation is a lot more complicated than it might appear and I feel that the developers are treated with hostility regardless or are given mixed messages.

For example, I think that part of what gave Last of Us Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 their notoriety was because of the image of the developers who were making these games. The Last of Us Part 1 and the Witcher series were legendary games that were also made by revered developers who of course, the hype and the expectations were quite high, and when the developers failed to deliver said expectations, the fans protested with a lot of fire and fury as though they committed terrible sins or though these companies have fallen victim to the corruption schemes of capitalism and will never be forgiven or come back from these mistakes.

It is a bit ironic that what the developers need to do or mostly based on what they think is best based on the needs of the community but whenever there is any feedback from the community, it is as though the community often point fingers at the developers and simultaneously demand them to give them things exactly as the desire, whether it is an update, a tweak or a game release and so on.

It is no wonder the developers go through a lot of pressure, especially to please everyone including the fans but it is as though they end up going around in circles because they do not know who to please or whether or not what they do is enough or as desired.

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