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Ideal Playstyle in Duels

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Here I will try to describe what I believe to be the ideal playstyle in the dueling game mode in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Criticism is appreciated and encouraged. TL;DR's are included after each class's paragraph. Thank you for reading!

Knight– Gets up in your face and forces trades. Knights win all trades due to higher HP, damage values, and stamina value. Medium ranged weapon helps with dancing and dragging/accelerating. The main goal should be to trade hits at least, as this will always result in a win for the knight. Although the knight is slow, walking or running forwards is faster than walking backward and the knight is able to chase his enemies down if they try to dance away. Trading a hit 1 for 1 with an MAA, Vanguard, or Archer is always a win for the knight (unless the knight already lost hp prior to this trade). TL;DR: Use the health and stamina advantage to win hitting 1 for 1 trades with any other class. Slower attack speed means accelerations are useful.

Vanguard– Longest weapons in the game. Optimally the Vanguard should be dancing and fainting pokes with a spear. If using a weapon that deals more damage with swings, then drags and accelerations and other tricks that involve the swing arc are the most effective with the vanguard. Higher movement speed makes dancing away from the knight easier. Larger stamina and Health and higher damage allows for trading hits to win against MAA but not against the Knight due to health and stamina.

TL;DR: Keep your distance or use accelerations and drags to abuse the large arcs of your swings. Trading 1 for 1 with MAA is a winning scenario.


MAA– Fastest of all of the classes. The MAA is the best at dancing of all the classes due to the highest movement speed and dodge. The MAA optimally should punish a whiffed swing (or capitalize off of a feint) and then launch a string of attacks. The first attack on an enemy who whiffed should always be a hit. The second attack is where the feints begin and a string of attacks are launched. Any combo that results from this is part of the string. When the MAA fails to keep up the pressure due to his attack being blocked or missing, the MAA should disengage when he is at a stamina disadvantage to build the stamina back up. The MAA cannot perform extended trades due to low stamina, so the playstyle mainly revolves around swarming your opponent with attacks and regaining your stamina so you can do so again. Risking an attack that could leave you without stamina if blocked may not be the most optimal move since an enemy knight can turn your 5 hit streak and 100% hp into a sad 0% hp MAA with the right weapon.

TL;DR: Dancing and swarms of attacks, disengaging if stamina becomes too low or an attack needs to be dodged. Avoid trading 1 for 1 and abuse your attack speed and feints to overwhelm opponents.

This is not a troll post. If you disagree with anything on here, please give an honest reason as to why.

Feedback is appreciated!

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Edit 2: Archer was not included because shields > archers. Archers just need to keep distance and avoid melee combat and aim well.

Edit 3: I have like a 60% like to dislike ratio here. Amazing

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