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If they ever made a theme park that was entirely Nintendo themed, what kind of rides and attractions would you like it to have?

Gamingtodaynews1b - If they ever made a theme park that was entirely Nintendo themed, what kind of rides and attractions would you like it to have?

The super nintendo world direct made me think of other nitendo themed rides. Obviously it's very unlikely that an entire nintendo theme park would happen, but it's fun to think about. Here are some ideas that I had.

When you start in the main area it would have an 8 bit aesthetic, but it would gradually get more detailed as you walk through the area. It would go from 8bit, to 16, to 64 and so on. Just to show the evolution of nintendo and gaming in general. I also think it would be neat to have a nintendo museum near the entrance. It could display bunch of consoles, games, memorabilia, and a documentary movie of the history of nintendo, (preferably hosted by Reggie if they could get him back)

The main area would lead you to Peach's castle leading to the mario themed area. I'd keep it pretty similar to how it is in universal studios, because it's perfect. I'd add a Yoshi merry go round, kind of as a nod to Super Mario Sunshine, maybe a Luigi's mansion dark ride similar to Haunted Mansion. And maybe a Super Mario Galaxy themed ride if there is room for an expansion.

Next to the mario world world would be a donkey kong country world, the main ride would be a log flume, kind of like Splash mountain. A mine cart ride in the style of big thunder mountain railway would be fun as well.


After that would be a zelda themed area. I think theming it like Kokiri forest in Ocarina of time would be best, Castle town might also be fun. The main ride would be a simulator, I'm thinking make it similar to Soarin' around the world, or Avatar Flight of Passage. The plot would be that you are traveling through time, flying on the bird from skyward sword. That would be the best way to represent Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Breath of the Wild in the same ride.

One area that I would like to see would be a futuristic themed area. Essentially F-Zero, Star Fox, and Metroid would share an area. an F-Zero Rollar Coaster would be amazing, think of the Tron Coaster from Shanghai Disney. A star fox simulator where you get to pilot the airwing would be fun. And an atmospheric metroid themed dark ride would be fun as well.

I think a mii themed kids area would be cute. Maybe they could have a service where you can make a custom mii, and they will 3d print an amiibo based on the mii you create.

The last world would be animal crossing themed. It would be one of the smaller worlds though. There are no thrill rides since that would kind of go against the point animal crossing. It would mostly be an area to take pictures with costumed characters. They should have a show where you watch an audio animatronic KK.Slider perform. They should have Mabel's shop and Timmy and Tommy's shop. And maybe like a walk through area where you can catch fake fish and fake bugs.

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