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If you don’t enjoy your favorite MMORPG’s difficult endgame, what does that make you?

Gamingtodaynews1g - If you don't enjoy your favorite MMORPG's difficult endgame, what does that make you?

A bit of context as I'm having trouble explaining this to myself, so hence this post exists. I like playing MMORPGs ever since Maplestory, and jumped from one to another over the years. The latest one I'm enjoying rn is Final Fantasy XIV. It's incredible in lots of ways, and I'm glad I get to experience the story and its contents over the years. However, when I finally reached endgame, I realized that the difficult content were these super-difficult team-based single boss raids with heavy mechanics. I never liked difficult content since it was, obviously, too hard. But ever since I had a lot of fun going after the difficult bosses in Monster Hunter World some time ago, I believe i'm the type that loves a good challenge.

These raids, however, just drain me completely. I swear I quit the game twice every few months because it sucked out whatever motivation I had. Normally, I like MMORPG's because you can do everything else, such as playing the merchant, crafting items, gathering resources and the like, and of course doing quests that you enjoy. Also, being able to play every job with one character is a sweet bonus in this game. While for me, FFXIV hits all of these well, but I can't say that I enjoy the game fully when the combat is not so enticing like monster hunter. That's why doing these raids, which requires lots of patience, positioning, and hard-working party members, feels so impossible for me.


I like this MMORPG, but if I don't enjoy doing these difficult endgame content, I can't honestly believe I enjoy this game. Everything I do in a game has to reach a sort of end-goal, and usually, everything in FFXIV sort of leads to conquering savage raids and the like. If I don't enjoy this game for it's core content, then why bother to keep playing? There are plenty of other games to play, I know, and not having to subscribe every month would be a blessing.

But I always get this itch to play an MMORPG, and so far, Final Fantasy hits it unlike the other mmorpgs. I like to play animation-style combat like Monster Hunter World and Genshin Impact rather than tab-based combat, so that might make sense. But again, it is a good game. I'm incredibly indecisive, so I already had people shouting things like I'm forcing myself for not good reason. Maybe it is, or maybe I just actually like the game but I keep bitching about the difficult content, which doesn't make me feel good at all. I keep thinking that rather than not liking it, I'm just bitching and I shoud just man up and conquer it if I love it so much.

According to this, I'm asking every MMO lover here who went through the same thing I'm going. What do you think is worth my time doing (other than actually, y'know', doing real life stuff other than video games. That much is obvious to me).

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