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If you’re a fan of Bloodborne for any reason beyond just the combat you should get a PSVR and play Déraciné

Gamingtodaynews1b - If you're a fan of Bloodborne for any reason beyond just the combat you should get a PSVR and play Déraciné

Probably many of you have already seen or heard about some of the allusions to Bloodborne in Déraciné, and thought "oh that's cool" or "Bloodborne 2???" or some other nice thought.

That's great and all, but it's missing something.

Déraciné is a complete game (5-6 hours, if you're wondering about length) from From Software, extremely well crafted, interesting, beautiful, and far more than 'just a scattering of Bloodborne references'.

I'm going to write this post as if I'm selling the game and PSVR to you, because I know that's what I have to do. Somehow, even though the price of a PSVR has become pretty reasonable (I use the word 'reasonable' as in I think most people who have the money to afford it – $350, or $250 on a good sale like I bought on – will be pleased with the value of the purchase. Hell just look at Amazon reviews.), VR, and PSVR has this negative association in the mainstream that is incredibly distorted and based on heresy circulated by people who never have even tried VR (beyond maybe Google cardboard, which is not at all the same). So, I do have to sell it to you, and I know it. But please understand I am also being genuine with the feelings and opinions I share in this write-up.

Déraciné is one of my favourite games of all time, possibly even more than Bloodborne (which is also one of my favourites). I've played, I think, some incredible games. Metroid Prime, MGS 1, TLOZ: Majora's Mask, Silent Hill 2 and 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Planescape: Torment, The Beginner's Guide, Nier:Automata, and more. These are all games I love, and I'm not big into picking favourites, but Déraciné is easily up there with my top favourites.

Déraciné is the only game I've ever played to make me cry, and in fact, sob. Not everyone will have this experience I'm sure, but actually when it was brought up on the psvr subreddit, I learned that other people were affected this way as well, from the same moment.

Why should you care about Déraciné?

Déraciné is 'From Software game design' at the best they've ever been, when it comes to storytelling, atmosphere, and music. I would say lore too, but it's hard to compare a longer game like Bloodborne – which has a vast lore – to Déraciné's smaller scope. But certainly lore building is amazing in Déraciné as well, and yes, you'll likely be making connections to Bloodborne, enhancing your experience even further.

I remember when I was debating whether I should buy Déraciné, even as a PSVR owner already, I was looking at the trailer, the reviews/impressions, and thinking… this game doesn't really look like it's doing much, it doesn't seem very interesting…


I forgot that this was From Software, or maybe I had my own bias thinking "oh they didn't put in their full effort into it because it's their first PSVR game".

Déraciné is a very unique game, VERY From Software, and was very interesting and memorable. It's certainly not a game everyone will enjoy, but I do think that just about anyone who likes Bloodborne for the lore, atmosphere, storytelling… any reason besides JUST the combat (there's no combat in Déraciné) will love Déraciné. (Though just to be clear, you don't need to have played Bloodborne to enjoy Déraciné). And will find it not just to be a familiar 'From Software game', but rather a fresh and unique From Software game that pushes the company forward as a designer of masterful, artistic games.

One more thing, because I know for most people, buying Déraciné means first buying PSVR, which is a big purchase for most people (including myself).

The idea that there aren't many (or any???) great games for PSVR is simply ridiculous, having had a PSVR for half a year and having played tons of (great) games on it by now (I can list them if you want). The idea that PSVR games are overpriced is even more ridiculous – most are pretty cheap actually and go on sale often. Both these things might have been true a couple years ago at PSVR's launch, but they aren't true now. Of course it's still an early medium, and the games come almost entirely from indie developers. But there's plenty of amazing indie developers providing amazing games, and you also have a few 'AAA' studios (like Déraciné) that have already gotten on board with great games as well.

VR is not a gimmick, and PSVR is an excellent VR system. Yes it's got so many ways it can be better and evolve, along with VR as a whole. Yes, it's worth it in its current state.

To any and all From Software/Bloodborne fans, I highly recommend buying a PSVR for Déraciné, and I think you will quickly find yourself drawn into the realm of VR beyond just Déraciné.

Déraciné requires the move controllers (get the Borderlands/Beat Saber bundle!!). Déraciné benefits from a PS4 Pro, making it one of the most beautiful PSVR games. It can certainly be enjoyed on a regular PS4 as well though.

I have zero affiliation with Sony or From Software. I'm just a person who loves art, games, and bought a PSVR headset half a year ago and became very passionate about VR. I'm a huge fan of Bloodborne and put in hundreds of hours into it.
btijsuo - If you're a fan of Bloodborne for any reason beyond just the combat you should get a PSVR and play Déraciné

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