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I’m Not Excited for Cyberpunk2077 Anymore, Anybody Else Feels The Same?

Gamingtodaynews1g - I'm Not Excited for Cyberpunk2077 Anymore, Anybody Else Feels The Same?

I think big titles overwhelm me-and I think Cyberpunk2077 made me realize it.

First let me say this is not to judge anyone who is excited for Cyberpunk2077. It's probably gonna end up a solid game. This is just me discussing about how the marketing made me feel and opening a discussion about the "largeness" of this game.

So I used to be pretty excited for Cyberpunk2077. Mind you, I wan't in a super hype, not "this will go down in history as the greatest game of all time I know that from five screenshots" hype. Just really looking forward to it, to explore an interesting world based on a table top game with an interesting lore. I'm not usually into AAA titles and it was kinda cool being interested in one for a change.
However, the more I see, hear or learn about this game, the less I anticipate it. Every update is about how amazing it's going to be. How incredible, ambitious, complex this project is. The only word I hear is "bloated".

On the top of this, I heard about CDPR approach to crunch and general working conditions, and it turns me off even more. I know boycotts are not the solutions to these things, and that crunch and other disgusting work practices are plentiful in this industry, but I can't help but being repelled by it. Especially since the game keeps getting delayed-and without any talk about how it effects crunch, I assume it's just propel it forward.


Mind you, I played the Witcher 2 and Wild Hunt and liked both-so I am familiar with CDPR's work. But the more I hear about Cyberpunk the more I feel like it will be one of those game that is simply a chore to play, with so much content which, frankly, a lot of it just seems like it's pushed in to make the game more grandiose in the cost of being cohesive or in-depth. Even the PUNK part of cyberpunk feels only a shiny new coat of paint and aesthetic –though, admittingly, it is all too early to judge.

The main point is the size of the game, is a selling point which to me feel more like a punishment. Too many open worlds are just busywork splattered across endless plains. But games that promise to be big and dense are almost worse, because it simply sounds emotionally taxing-and that's the base case. Worse case, it's a load of missions, info, lore and stuff dumped on you which are mostly boring and could have been cut off. I thought Wild Hunt was a great use of open worlds with side quests that were both intriguing and fun and the promise to "double down" on that sounds like a grind.

What do you think? Are you guys also feel tired whenever you hear another outrages promise about Cyberpunk? Or does it excite you even more?

I feel bad for saying it, but I am kinda happy thinking about how most of the marketing is just extravagant embellishing and the actual game (while still being big) will be more modest.

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