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In-Game statistics should be a feature that all games incorporate and build upon for us gamers

Gamingtodaynews1g - In-Game statistics should be a feature that all games incorporate and build upon for us gamers

First off, I would like to point out that I make a living in business and statistical analytics, so my stance might be a bit biased but I digress:

One of the many overlooked features in gaming is the ability to see your in-game statistics during a current playthrough at any given time. Knowing how many enemies you’ve defeated, how many times you have failed/died, how long you have been playing the game (excluding AFK and paused time), accuracy ratings, number of resources collected and used, and more.

I can’t tell you how many times I get satisfied when I play a game that collects these stats for you over the course of your playthrough. Naughty Dog games are great at tracking this, and make it easy for you to access these statistics from the pause menu. It makes me understand how I have performed statistically throughout my experience.

It also allows for me to assess how I can improve: – oh I had a 34% gun accuracy, I guess I should learn to be better at gunplay to improve that rating. – I have died 100 times in one playthrough, perhaps I should change the way I play to expedite my death rate. – I have collected 20/200 collectibles but I’m 80% through the game. Looks like I’m not exploring the world as much as I should (I’m missing out on potential content) – also importantly, having a main campaign completion percentage shows me how far into the game I actually am. Makes it so I can prioritize my time IRL to play the game based on how much I have left to accomplish


I am ALWAYS interested in knowing how long it takes me to beat a game from start to finish. It gives me an objective number of how much content the game provides in the context of time (time doesn’t mean how meaningful the content is, but the time investment involved). I was eager to know how many hours I put into Breath of the Wild, but the Switch only says I’ve played more than 40 hours (which could include AFK time or time spent at the main menu).

Overall, providing these statistics may not be great for everyone, but I know a lot of people value them. They can be used for benchmarking, allowing you to try and perform better in as many categories as possible on the next playthrough. You can try and compare with friends. Essentially, they are a statistical representation of your own gaming experience.

It is a shame that there are still many games out there that do not incorporate any stats like this, as I feel like it wouldn’t be hard to add it into a game. Even if it’s a minor feature that some people won’t want, it doesn’t need to be intrusive on the UI. Therefore it doesn’t impede on the experience of playing, but can be used as a reference whenever you see fit.

Hopefully I’m not the only one that thinks like this. Let me know your thoughts on in-game statistics and how they should be incorporated, improved upon, or just the cons of them. Happy gaming!

TL:DR – it amazes me that a lot of games still don’t incorporate robust in-game statistics for the gamer to see. They can be very fun and informative when playing our favorite games. This should be a feature of all games moving forward.

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