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In the end, all the backlash against Nintendo in regards to Melee and Splatoon 2 won’t matter. They have seen tons of backlash since the 80s, and they have not fallen yet.

Gamingtodaynews1g - In the end, all the backlash against Nintendo in regards to Melee and Splatoon 2 won't matter. They have seen tons of backlash since the 80s, and they have not fallen yet.

Right now, it feels like Nintendo is very unpopular with many people. We see articles being written on major gaming sites like IGN, people leaking the dark history of Nintendo's lack of support for the Smash Community, videos are being posted left and right about how evil Nintendo is, and people are acting like this is some new thing that has come to light, or at most, an ongoing battle that is maybe a decade old.

Here's the issue, Nintendo has always been dirty when it comes to how they run their business, and it dates all the way back to the 80's with the NES.

It has never mattered since Nintendo has brushed aside any backlash and kept on going, selling millions of games, hardware, and breaking records along the way.

Why? Because much of their fanbase is loyal to them.

Let's take the current issue with Melee and Splatoon 2's NA Finals being canceled. I'm willing to bet that most Smash Ultimate and Splatoon 2 players don't give a damn about competitive play and likely don't care that Nintendo is doing this or if they do care, they see Nintendo's point.

To say nothing of the players who buy a Nintendo platform to play the newest Animal Crossing, Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Mario Kart, or other Nintendo game and likely could care less about Ultimate or a nearly 20-year-old game in Melee that is on dead hardware that might predate the birth of some Switch Owners.

Think about this, there are likely tons of Switch Owners who are in their teens who don't remember the Gamecube and don't understand why Melee is still a thing.

But here's the biggest issue as to why things won't change regardless of the number of hashtags that appear on Twitter and anti-Nintendo articles that appear on various websites.

Since 1983, Nintendo has pretty much beat to their own drum and told anyone who dislikes what they do to go shove it. They have told third-parties, governments, business partners(like Sony with the SNES CD), other competitors, and even their own fanbase to go take a hike if they don't like how Nintendo does things.

Has it always worked out for them? No, and they have been forced to back down at times and even had outright failures like the Virtual Boy and Wii U.

They have had setbacks like the Nintendo 64 losing massive third-party support and market share to the PS1 due to their stubborn refusal to back down and use CDs over carts.

Despite all this, Nintendo still pretty much does whatever the hell they want, and either people come along for the ride or they can miss out on games that are great or even masterpieces.

For the most part, this has always paid off for Nintendo and created a loyal fanbase that eats up their games at a pace that other companies in the video game business can't hope to match.

That's the reason why Nintendo is hard to take down and most people don't care to go after them. They are like Disney in the sense that they own IPs that people love, and they create heartwarming memories of.

People remember playing a Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon game.


Just like people remember Disney movies, or watching Avengers for the first time, or going back and enjoying a Star Wars movie.

Nintendo feeds off that nostalgia, and that's why despite everything that they have done against Splatoon 2, and Smash, most people will refuse to say a bad word against them.

Even people who are bashing them and saying they will never buy another Nintendo game ever again will still find a way to play the next Zelda game. Yeah, they might pick up a used copy, but even then, Nintendo still gets you one way or another.

My point is, Nintendo has been the subject of criticism and backlash since the '80s, and they still have not fallen. Hell, once the dust settles, #freemelee and the backlash against them canceling Splatoon 2 is forgotten, Nintendo will just truck along as they always have.

Smash 6 when it arrives will sell millions, as will Splatoon 3. Zelda, Mario, and all the other IPs they will keep selling, and maybe even break records yet again.

It's why Nintendo has been a major player in the home market since 1983 and has not fallen like Atari, Sega, and countless rivals have. They simply command so much loyalty with their fanbase, something that Microsoft and even Sony can't match.

Even when they do make mistakes and upset their fanbase, they still manage to win them back. Compare that to Atari and Sega who made some bad moves and lost so much of their fanbase, they were driven out of the market.

Even today, Sony and Microsoft have struggled after upsetting their fanbase. Sony went through hell to win back fans who got mad at them over their early blunders with the PS3, and Microsoft is still trying to regroup after their mistakes with the Xbox One.

Nintendo? They went from one of the lowest selling consoles ever with the Wii U, to another console in the Switch that is breaking all kinds of sales records, has pretty much taken Japan away from Sony, and is leading in hardware sales for 2020.

Having a loyal fanbase that loves Mario and Zelda is what keeps Nintendo around, and allows them to pretty much ignore any roadblocks they might encounter.

I'm honestly convinced they could tweet a picture of Mario giving the middle finger and telling Melee players to go f*** themselves, and their fanbase would still support them.

Nintendo is often compared to Disney and, for good reason. Disney is more than a movie studio, it's something that is special to so many people, and Nintendo is the same way when it comes to video games.

That is something that is hard for people to fight against, because Disney and Nintendo have that special place in their fan's hearts that other companies like Warner Brothers for movies or Microsoft or Sony for gaming can never hope to match, and it makes them immune to any kind of real backlash.

They might have setbacks, but they will always find a way to turn even most of those into wins.

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