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Indie Cross Platform MMORPG update.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Indie Cross Platform MMORPG update.

Hey guys I'm huge MMORPG fan who also owns a small startup software company and we are developing our own anime themed MMORPG inspired in LH and other similar animes like SAO and Overlord. (The game will be cross platform and available on Mobile Devices, Windows PCs and VR headsets) YES ALSO VR HEADSETS! 🙂

Please note that this particular project is being developed out of love for anime and videogames. We don't currently make a living out of this. This is a project we do because we are gamers and we realize that no other company will do this for us.

We don't use any copyrighted material from those animes due to copyright law but the game theme will be is similar and heavily inspired on that theme (players who enter a VR game in the future).

The game is designed to be unlike most MMORPGs out there in several ways, some some of the highlights are the following:

1- No class restrictions, you can be sword wielding mage or a scythe wielder who also uses pistols, you can customize everything to make your own dream class based on personal preference.

2- No play babysitting, with long boring tutorials and mandatory quests. In Magnum Opus there is no main questline that you have to follow, there is a player guide you can look at if you have any questions about controls etc but other than that you are fee to explore the world on your own or with friends.

3- A true multiplayer focused game were players will be strongly encouraged to socialize with other players. There won't be any generic automatic dungeon queue systems or matchmaking systems. Instead the game is designed to be immersive, if people want to form a party they should go to a public location like a tavern and look for other adventurers to raid a certain dungeon.

4- Variety of game modes, we understand not everyone enjoys MMORPGs the same way, some people look to socialize, others like the adventure feeling and others just want to PvP or PvE. So Magnum Opus is designed to have areas dedicated for multiple game styles, there will be public places that serve as social hubs with puzzle and arcade minigames just to break the ice, there will also be various locations to explore and fight monsters aswell as PvP areas.

6- Multiple artstyles, the game is not a single world but an entire Universe with multiple worlds wich we plan to expand constantly. Each world has a unique artstyle for instance there is plant Earth wich has a realistic enviroment, an anime planet with anime themed graphics, a cartoon planet, a toy planet, a cube planet, a low poly planet and so on. Each planet will offer a unique experience to players.


5- Crossplay compatibility between mobile devices, PC and VR headsets, to make the game trully immersive and also available virtualy anywere.

And many many others things, because we are doing it out of passion and not really just for the money but the ideal of bringing back the golden age of MMOs.

Planet Moonguard

Ancient China (Year 200 A.D.) in Magnum Opus you can also travel through time.

Planet Earth – Beach House in Costa Rica (This is a social hub area in the game)

Atlas Space Station Garden

Chess Battles Minigame Mode

Game Title

Right now we are on early development Alpha stage, feel free to visit our website were you can find links to our discord, Facebook and Patreon pages. 🙂

We are a very small team of only 5 people working on the project.

1 developer

1 Graphic artist

2 Modelers for 3D characters and landscape

And myself (im the game designer and company CEO).

If you would like to join our community and sign up for Alpha test feel free to join our discord.

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