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Insurgency: Sandstorm open beta impressions/discussion

Gamingtodaynews1g - Insurgency: Sandstorm open beta impressions/discussion

Hi guys,
I did not find any discussion of the open beta that was playable past weekend.
Some of my impressions:


  • Sound design is amazing. From bullets impacting next to your head to pre breach muffled shuffling behind closed doors, the sound elevates the overall level of immersion.
  • I like the gunplay very much. Weapons felt very different and each have their own niche. for example: A LMG is practically useless without being prone with a bipod, the mk 18 CQB is way more controllable in close quarters than a m4 and so on.
  • Every gadget/weapon is already unlocked. You have a set of points you can spend on your loadout and every piece of equipment has weight. I like this system very much as there is only a 'grind' for cosmetic items.
  • Relevant to the previous points: the class roles. I had fun experimenting with the different roles. Laying down surpressing fire for my teammates, rushing rooms with the CQB class, making a long range shotgun build. Lots of variety is possible.
  • Kicking down doors never gets old.
  • Surpressing fire is actually useful.



  • Matchmaking issues. Had a recurring problem that only a some members of my party joined a game.
  • joining a game and just being unable to spawn at all.
  • Graphical glitches like textures not loading in.
  • AI has uneven difficulty.
  • Not many PVE modes: probably because it's a beta though.

What are your impressions/experiences?

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