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Introducing World of Anima

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Greetings everyone!

Allow me to introduce World of Anima, an indie in-development MMORPG created in Unreal Engine focusing around skilling, socializing, and economy, inspired by many old-school classics such as RuneScape and World of Warcraft.

Without further ado, here are some details of where we're at and where we're heading.

Character Progression & Skilling

A set of skills will drive character progression, each of these fall into one of three categories.

Combat skills (Melee, Archery, Magic, Strength, and Endurance) define which weapons and armor a player can use. There will be no class system, which allows players to switch between combat styles as they wish without sacrificing the ability to specialize in a given combat style.

Trade skills (Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Carpentry, Jewellery, Farming, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Cooking) allow players to participate bi-directionally in the economy by purchasing raw materials to create goods to be used by other players. Whether that's potions to boost stats or increase resistance to specific types of attacks, or crafting weapons with particular traits to create the ultimate killing machine, trade skills will form a crucial part of the economy.

Gathering skills (Mining, Herbalism, Fishing, and Woodcutting) also form a critical part of the economy. However, the player invests time instead of money into scouring the game world for resources, improving their efficiency at harvesting the resources and selling them.

Each skill has a maximum attainable level of 100. Players can increase their skill level by performing tasks relating to that skill. As the player progresses, they will unlock new tasks and content, leading to more significant monetary and experience gain.

Players can summarize their progression in the form of an unweighted total level and a weighted combat level.


Combat in World of Anima will be a passive turn-based combat system with a few aspects of action-based systems, including a limited variety of weapon-specific actions and skill-specific unlockable actions. When used strategically, these actions will augment the player's combat ability to maximize damage dealt. However, combat will still be primarily passive as opposed to action-based.

PvP Content

World of Anima will feature several types of PvP combat.

  • High-stake open-world PvP in which players venture outside of civilization to engage in fights to the death, risking everything they carry.
  • Controlled-risk one-on-one PvP in the open world in which players agree to duel for an optionally set wager.
  • No-risk PvP minigames (battlegrounds) in which teams of players compete to finish objectives and beat opposing teams.

PvE Content

World of Anima will offer two varieties of PvE content.

  • Open-World PvE in which the player engages in combat with one or more NPCs in the game world.
  • Raids in which the players coordinate as a team through a scenario with powerful NPC enemies.

Technical Details about World of Anima

World of Anima is using a custom dedicated server solution and an Unreal Engine client.

We are continually benchmarking World of Anima against simulated loads considered steep by the "big guy" standards. Our standard load test consists of spawning hundreds-of-thousands to millions of networked non-static NPCs, Objects, and Players in a single map, and seeing what falls over. We're looking to perform "real world" stress tests soon, as although these numbers are promising, nothing can truly predict what chaos will ensue with large swarms of players!


The current plan is for World of Anima to be privately funded – that is to say that we will not be asking for handouts. We may change this at a later date.

We are currently planning for World of Anima to be a subscription-based game with cosmetic microtransactions – this is subject to change; however, we will never consider pay-to-win mechanics or functional microtransactions.

Development Progress

The core server systems powering World of Anima have been in development for two years, although this hasn't provided fascinating viewing. We're now publicly beginning to develop the content systems described above, and you can track our progress on our official
memNemD - Introducing World of Anima

Discord server, Subreddit, or
YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you around our communities!

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