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Ironically project tako (successor to dolphin) probably would of ruled 7th gen

Gamingtodaynews1g - Ironically project tako (successor to dolphin) probably would of ruled 7th gen

If you don’t know what I am talking about, with the snes, n64 and GameCube Nintendo focused on directly on power and competing with Sony and sega, the snes was more powerful than the genesis, the n64 was more powerful than the ps1 and Saturn, and the GameCube was slightly more powerful than the ps2 despite this the ps2 sold like hot cakes and Nintendo’s sales were declining leading Nintendo to believe that the path they were going just wasn’t working and for the next gen they decided instead of directly competing they decided to innovate, think outside the box and appeal to the casual market with the wii and ds and wouldn’t appeal to hardcore gamers again until the switch nearly 11 years later. However before Nintendo came to this realization they had already been planning next gen systems. They also had a new game boy console planned (project iris) before the ds. Thanks to the leaks we know their original plans for next gen was going to be tako, it was going to be an hd Nintendo console on par with the ps3 and Xbox 360 in terms of power. It also would of had backwards compatibility with their handheld systems. Ironically despite this strategy not working for them last gen they would have dominated over the ps3 and Xbox, the last two generations the reason why Nintendo didn’t succeed was because of the lack of third party support and because of the format they used for their cartridges and discs and they could hold less data compared to cds and regular dvd discs. However with the 7th gen both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles were botched, the ps3 was way too expensive and the Xbox had a major manufacturing defect, AKA red ring of death. Project tako was supposed to launch around the same time the 360 initially launched. Assuming that Nintendo didn’t have problems of their own during launch more people would have bought from Nintendo and because of the better sales more third party developers would be inclined to develop for tako, square and capcom would return. Developers like Activision Ubisoft and Bethesda would probably also make games for tako, we may have even saw gta 4 and 5 on tako. Later in the 7th gen Sony probably would have caught up with Nintendo and would created a war similarly to Nintendo and sega in the 90s. Going on to 8th gen it’s less predictable. All I could say is that the The ps4 would still dominate while the Xbox one would still be the worst and Nintendo would be somewhere in the middle in terms of sales. The portable lines would still be gameboy however around 2017 instead of getting a new gameboy we would of got the switch but it is exclusively portable. It would also change things outside of Nintendo. Sonic 06 wouldn’t have been the dumpster fire it was since that was partially because 06 wasn’t able to run on the wii and they split the development teams. But in this timeline we would have 06 on tako, also we would have the hd version of Sonic unleashed. Possible games I could see on this system are Super Mario 128, twilight princess, An hd Mario Kart, An hd Super Smash Bros, Skyward sword but It would have no motion controls what so ever. We may have even gotten Metroid prime 4 but that’s pure speculation. Games like call of duty, fallout and assassin’s creed 1-Black Flag. The wii remote and nunchuck would still exist but would merely be a motion accessory like what Sony and Microsoft were doing. What games do you think we would have gotten for this scrapped system?


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