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Is AAA gaming getting worse? Is it going through a crisis?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is AAA gaming getting worse? Is it going through a crisis?

Hey folks. Gaming has been my number one hobby for the majority of my rather short life. Lately, I’ve started to make myself this question: “is gaming going through a crisis?”. “Has gaming gotten worse in the last few years?” works too. I‘m really interested to hear what do you guys think, because you’re all very likely older than me and have been playing for longer.

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of remasters and remakes, a trend that gets bigger each year of hyper monetizing games, longer development times, and AAA games not being a guarantee of quality anymore. Many notorious series have either not seen a release in years (Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls, Splinter Cell, Payday, Max Payne, Dishonored, etc) or have gotten worse (Battlefield, Metal Gear, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy’s, Fallout, Mafia, Star Wars, Far Cry/mid 2010s Assassin’s Creed maybe a bit but it’s up to discussion) and, perhaps, a lack of AAA new and good IPs. There’s also the failure of new IPs, like Anthem. I mean “worse” either creatively, technically, or that it’s the complete opposite of the game’s roots.

Or look at FIFA, for example, which has completely fallen out of grace. A yearly series of $60 triple-A games with basically no thought, love and effort behind, a low quality product overall, to not say a simply copy and paste, completely filled with micro transactions. It’s not about the product, but the attitude of one of gaming’s biggest companies. GTA Online deserves a mention, where everything in game is super over-priced and all jobs and heist under-paid.


Maybe AAA gaming has gotten worse and in response indie games have gotten more popular? I think what we’re going through is more like a creative crisis where genre-defining games have gotten rarer, less good new IPs are coming out, and already existing and well known series are being exploited to the absolute maximum in different ways (hyper monetization, over abundance of one series or no new content at all like with GTA Online, or with remasters or remakes). Again, beloved series like The Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto have been missing for nearly a decade now and the latest release of both are mocked on the Internet because they were re-released like 3 times each.

I don’t feel like there’s competition anymore between big titles, not much fight, and this is probably because the big names prevailed in the market already, they formed their own reputation and gained a perpetual place in the market. They don’t have to fight anymore, and if they don’t have to prove they’re the better product to the consumers, this is what happens: remasters everywhere, games like Fallout 76 or Breakpoint being disasters, missing titles, hyper monetization… instead of searching new ways to come up with better products, they use that time instead to come up with new ways of making you spend more with the already existing content.

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