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Is it me or do you agree that the AAA-games nowadays are worse compared to independent-games?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Is it me or do you agree that the AAA-games nowadays are worse compared to independent-games?

Since the mid-00s, the Triple A games have become more and more boring. Instead, more and more small, independent developers came up with great and creative games (one of the best example: Hotline Miami).

Triple A games are not only boring + they are getting more and more inferior in quality, but more expensive overall if you add all the expenses. Whether these are microtransactions/lootbox, DLC and so on… DLCs were rather unknown at the time, because many triple a games still had an editor and this made it possible for the community and buyers to create and provide their own content. Instead, the developers released paid add-ons that were much more extensive. Well, and the graphics and physics hardly improved that much. In my opinion, the graphics and physics have hardly developed since Crysis. Rather the opposite. It has regressed because the developers want more profit. And you can't achieve that if you develop a high-end game that looks and feels realistic (physics, for example, realistic representation of violence as in soldier of fortune), but does not work on the majority of computers and you cannot get all target groups achieved such as Console gamers and kids. That's why all the comic-looking games are springing up like mushrooms. Last negative example is Halflife Alyx. It's a good game, but you can tell that Valve has tried to appeal to younger players as the graphics have adapted to Fortnite players. Compare that when Halflife 2 was released and how realistic it looked back then. With this graphic, this dystopian feeling of a totalitarian world no longer comes across as with Halflife 2. And the console manufacturers nowadays try everything possible to keep their platforms free from potentially overly controversial games. Games like Manhunt and Soldier of Fortune are impossible. They don't want bad publicity and don't want bad publicity and thus angry mothers and politicians. Unfortunately, that hit even the developers of Hotline Miami at the time when they wanted to bring a rape scene into Hotline Miami 2. Then the media jumped up and sent their watchers and keepers of moral and virtue to bring their cancel culture into a independent developer/game. It was never said that the scene would glorify rape, on the contrary. The last Call of Duty I really enjoyed was CoD 2. Or Battlefield 2. After that, the successors came every 6 months, and they got worse and worse at the same time. Today I only watch independent games on Steam. I ignore Triple A Games and so called FreetoPlay. Incidentally, I cannot understand the hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 at all. The expectations will never be met. The game isn't even out there, and CDProjekt is also known for lying. Does anyone remember when they released trailers for The Witcher Games? After the release, the graphics for PC were scaled down to console level.


There are many good independent games out there with SP-Mode but I miss a good independent game with multiplayer-mode. Would like to play a good game with MP mode on the weekends. Such a SP-Game like Space Haven, Dwarf Fortress or Prison Architect with MP-Mode. A strategy-game or simulation with barter, extensive diplomatic and military negotiations as in Civilization VI and where griefing and ganking was made difficult. At first I was hoping for Star Citizen, but it will never finish.

No, I never was a fan of Quake Arena…

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