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Is Mario from “Super Mario Bros.” actually Immortal?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is Mario from "Super Mario Bros." actually Immortal?

Here is an admittedly crazy idea that refuses to leave my head:

What if the Mario from the videogames is supposed to have become immortal?

A few things to clarify:

First, the Mario from the original "Donkey Kong" all the way to the modern "Super Mario Bros." games is the same person in all of them taking the release order of said games as the chronological order in which the happen. He meets Pauline, Peach, Yoshi, Dais and Rosalina. He is Luigi's older brother, has defeated all those villains and had all those adventures. He is just a normal, mortal guy… at least at first but let us not get ahead of ourselves and start with the idea of him dying being very real.

Second, during his adventures he gets ways of cheating death or "getting lives" by using magic. It being the one-up mushrooms, the 100 coins or the like BUT those have limitations. Since there are old people with ailments and weaknesses and most of the people is very afraid of dying in Mario's universe then it can be said that the "multiples lives" magic is not all powerful and eventually everybody dies represented with Mario by the "Game Over" screen. Just those with 'special' powers are truly immortal like Rosalina who is thousands of years old. So, everybody knows that Mario will eventually grow old and die, in the best of cases in case Bowser or somebody {or something} else gets him first.

Now with the setting established we start with the life of Mario as is in the games, he has dangerous adventures, but he survives with some help of the already mentioned magic, he gains some skills with experience and he needs the reviving magic less and less with time (just as a gamer that plays constantly) but he still can die permanently.

Then we get to Super Mario Galaxy. As in the game we star with Mario traveling the galaxy with Rosalina recovering the Power Stars (I have another crazy theory for Luigi's run but let us leave it for another time). During his travels he (and by extention us) learn about Rosalina past as shown in the game, she reads a story book about her life. In it she explains how she was a denizen of the Mushroom kingdom, the game even insinuates that is from royalty and a possible ancestor of Peach since, in the story, Rosalina's brother is left behind when she leaves. The important point here is that in her story she acquires immortality without much of an explanation just that she is long lived and returns once every hundred years. But in the story, there is an important detail that might be the key to this whole thing.


She describes how she did not have much to eat and eventually ended eating the same thing as the Lumas. Now the game shows what happens to the Lumas once they eat enough starbits, they transform in planets, moons even stars but is never said what the starbits did to Rosalina.

What if the starbits made her immortal?

Now we get to the end of the game, Bowser's Reactor goes high wire the Lumas launch themselves to the epicenter of the explosion and a "Big Bang" happens with Rosalina stating that a new galaxy has been born, cryptically stating that things end and star over continuously but "never in the same way". Afterwards Mario, Peach and Bowser wake up, confused and looking to the stars above with Rosalina in a "voice over" (not much of an actual voice thought, mostly text) but never actually stating that Mario and company can hear her.

Afterwards comes Super Mario Galaxy 2 and it looks like a retelling of the first Galaxy game since Mario and the rest do not recognize Rosalina.

But what if the game isn't a retell but a true chronological sequel?

Super Mario Galaxy 1 DID happen but the "Big Bang" at the end reset everybody's memories… except those from Rosalina's and the Luma's.

Due to their actions and dialogue, they seem pretty aware of who Mario is, the little Luma is so attached to him that he even goes to look for Mario at the start of the game but Mario and the rest, even at the end, have no idea of who they are.

Now we get to the point of this long ramble: during Galaxy 2 we begin as Mario and for most of the adventure the game is played from his perspective. True, Luigi can be used but only for a few levels and to finish the game for the first time we MUST use Mario. Afterwards we have the green stars challenge where we can use Luigi, but it shouldn't take that long from Mario's point of view since he already knows the worlds and it's just a matter of finding the sound to pinpoint the location of the green stars in the levels. Thing is Mario did most of the exploring and that means he gets most of the 9,999 starbits required to get the final stars of the game and only then Rosalina herself boards the Mario starship.


Did Mario consume the starbits and became immortal as Rosalina did?

Let us take a look at the later games to find out.

First is Super Mario 3D World. Yes, there are lives there but here is the interesting thing: The game is seen as a multiplayer so the best way to represent it would be giving lives to everybody. There is more to this theory in the following games but for the time being remember this: Rosalina also uses lives here and she has already proven immortal.

Now we have the "piece of resistance" (forgive my French): Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion 3.

In Odyssey there are no lives, 1-ups or anything like that. Mario can fall in bottomless pits, take as much damage as he wants and he only loses a few measly coins, and not even that if he does not have any coins. He just dusts up and tries again. In other words: MARIO CAN'T DIE.

Compare it to Luigi's Mansion 3: If Luigi takes enough damage he falls and gets a Game Over unless he has a Gold Bone with which Polter Pup gives him another chance. Some would say that he just faints but, if that is the case, E. Gadd could wake him up with a strong noise from the Virtual Boo but, instead, Pulter Pup (an actual ghost) must come and save Luigi. The Gold bone could be considered more than a gameplay feature Since E, Gadd even sells it. So, in other words: LUIGI CAN DIE.

As an extra let us consider Super Smash Bros Ultimate "World of Light" and Character Trailers.

First is the famous opening to "World of Light" where everybody seemingly 'dies'. We later find out that they were capture and cloned. They even used Mario to represent it. The only ones that were close to dying are those that became spirits, so at the beginning of World of Light Mario did not die.

Then we have the endings, there are 3 but only one can be considered canonical. Even so let us check all 3, shall we?

Galeem wins, Dharkom loses: Same thing as the beginning happens, everybody is engulfed in light most likely being captured again. We cannot confirm that Mario dies.

Dharkom wins, Galeem loses: Not much is known about what happens, but we can say with security that Mario (and only Mario) is present when Dharkom destroys Galeem, Mario faints and everything is covered in darkness. So, of everybody, only Mario can be confirmed to be alive at the end.

Restoration: Both Galeem and Dharkom are destroyed and the spirits are freed. Nothing is shown of the fighters but we can safely say they are ok. So, we can say that Mario is most likely alive.

What about the trailers? Well, is interesting how they represent Mario here… while is true he seems to die in Ridley’s and Steve’s trailers we know that it is not a definitive death. Contrast that to Luigi's where his soul can be seen crawling back to his body after he has died. So, while we can say that Luigi's mortality is treated seriously Mario's is a whole other business, almost like blowing dynamite to Superman point blank (which literally happens to Mario in Steve's trailer). yes, we know is dangerous but he can take it. It is practically a meme now how much damage he can take. In other words: THE JOKE IS THAT WE KNOW THAT MARIO CAN'T REALLY DIE.

Then, what do we have here? It seems that Mario was a normal mortal until he met Rosalina and they reset the world, afterwards Mario collected 9,999 starbits, possibly ate them and unknowingly became immortal.

This is reflected in the gameplay of subsequent games. Mario does not need any lives, but the others do. Has he realized this? Maybe, maybe not. The others certainly seem worried about his wellbeing though.

Nintendo seems into the idea though, even if unconsciously. They give the "quality of life" detail of not needing lives to Mario's games but not to Luigi's. Even Smash is ok with putting Mario in Life or Death situations knowing he will be alright but if it happens to Luigi then is taken more seriously.

Feel free to comment on this. Just be civil, ok?

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