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Is RDR2 the most overrated game I’ve ever played or am I crazy?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is RDR2 the most overrated game I've ever played or am I crazy?

I loved the first RDR, had tons of fun with it, and I don't remember any specific complaints I had about it. I've been looking forward to RDR2 since the first one. I haven't finished RDR2 but i'm beyond 15 hours into it, and I don't even care enough to continue.

I'm 34, and I've been gaming since snes days(link to the past), but truly feel in love and started finishing games with MGS on PS1. Just for some history. I've finished more games than everyone I know irl have even started.

I feel like RDR2 is a complete waste of my time. it offers nothing new to me, it's story is basic at best, and contradictory at worst.

The controls are terrible, the combat is below modern standards. The survival elements are trivial.

The game constantly seems to push me into realism with it's slow walking and constant detail oriented tasks. All while simultaneously ripping me out of the world during a mission because I decided to take a different escape path than the exact one the game wants me too. Or just barely bumping into someone in town, or just pushing the wrong button and killing someone.


The game is doing a ton of things, and it looks great I admit. It just doesn't make me wanna do any of the things. I could go into the problems with the story as far as I've played but I don't wanna get into spoilers.

edit: I forgot to add another complaint of mine which is just how easy the game is to the point that it kills any motivation I would have to upgrade anything in the game. I can kill everyone easily with the weakest gun in the game. The survival elements are trivial to pointless. I just don't car to go hunt(or fish etc) cause there is no reason to do it that affects gameplay in a meaningful way.

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