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Is Telling Lies by Sam Barlow a good videogame?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Is Telling Lies by Sam Barlow a good videogame?

Firstly, I really loved Her Story. It was short and simple but I really was engrossed and wanted desperately to keep finding out more. I finished it in one sitting and was left utterly mind blown.

So when I heard about Telling Lies, I was excited. Another Sam Barlow videogame in the same style as Her Story? I couldn't wait!

However, now that I've finished it… I have some very mixed feelings about it.

  • I felt that it was too long, too big. It dragged a lot at times. See the thing is that every video is only one side of a conversation and many videos are just a character staring at the screen listening to the other character talk and these are videos in particular are boring to watch.
  • The acting however is top tier, most of the characters are played by some big name actors and the performances of Logan Marshall-Green and Alexandra Shipp were really impressive. Logan even won an award for his performance in this game and he deserved it.
  • The gameplay is very limited. All you're doing is typing in a search bar. I never minded this in Her Story but for some reason here the lack of interactivity is more noticeable.
  • The story, the actual plot, all of that is good. Not great, but good. Some nice twists here and there and some pretty shocking revelations but a crappy ending and poorly explained character motives.
  • Now…. I don't know if each and every video is meant to be watched, but I did it anyway. And a lot of the videos (while good for getting to know the character) are irrelevant to the plot as a whole and don't change the plot at all if missed.

Also, the structure of a game like this means that every player is gonna have a very different experience. You could stumble upon one of the final videos early on and loose the will to keep playing. Luckily this didn't happen to me and I followed a mostly chronological order. Then after I finished, I hunted down every video that I missed.


So… in conclusion Her Story is one of the best games I've ever played and a game I believe everyone should play whereas Telling Lies has it moments for sure but ultimately is not as good as Her Story and if you don't play it, you don't need to.

Her Story just felt like a tighter more streamlined experience and Telling Lies felt like a 10 hour movie. (The run time of all the videos adds up to around 10 hours)

So… who else has played Telling Lies? I'd love to know what you guys think.

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