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Is The Last of us part 2 a good sequel (SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US PART 2)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is The Last of us part 2 a good sequel (SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US PART 2)

The last of us is probably my second favorite game ever, and least to say my hype was boiling when the sequel was about to come out.

After playing and finishing the game, and looking at what other people had to say about the game, I think that the game doesn't deserve a 10/10 or 0/10. I feel like the game has some weaknesses and some strengths. Now, the main thing we were expecting was a good story, and we kinda didn't get that. I think the story and some strengths and some serious weaknesses.

First of all the game looks freaking amazing, nothing short of beautiful. I actually called my dad to show him the outstanding graphics. There is an amazing amount of detail in this game and some really cool environments.

As for the gameplay, I must say that I loved it. I understand why people have a problem with it, as Naughty Dog didn't really do anything new with it. But I loved the first game's gameplay, and they added just enough for me to be perfectly satisfied.


Now for the big thing, the story. The story is not the worst I've ever seen, but it definitely has some problems. Joel's death is probably what turned a lot of people off from the game. Now, even though I did like the scene, it didn't really make that much sense if you look at the big picture. Now some players have made the argument, that living in Jackson had made him soft, which could make sense, but Druckman should've shown that to the player. Also, the pacing of the story is bad. There are way too many flashbacks in the game. Now, some of them are actually pretty good; like the one with Joel and Ellie in the museum. But Abby's flashbacks I didn't really care for. Then there is the climax of the story, where Abby finally finds Ellie and there's about to be this big showdown, but it cuts to 3 days later so you can see Abby's part of the story. Playing as Abby was probably a big turn off for a lot of people, and I can understand that. I was just as confused at first. But I did actually like Abby's story. Now the beginning of her story drags on a little bit, but I did like the end where you're literally trying to get out of dodge of this faction war, and I did sympathize with her and her friends a little bit. Also, that rat king boss fight was pretty cool.

Finally, there's the ending; I didn't know how to feel about the ending at first. I get there trying to say that revenge is bad, but when I brutally killed thousands of people just to get here, that message is kinda lost. Also, I feel that the could have expressed that message much better if Ellie had just killed Abby. Imagine if Ellie killed Abby, then she went back to the farm to find the Dina and the baby are gone. I feel like this ending would be much better, and make a lot more sense in a, you got your revenge but at what cost kinda way.

Overall, I'd give The last of us part 2 a 7/10. Amazing graphics, great gameplay, but has a mediocre story.

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