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Is the PC still the superior platform?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Is the PC still the superior platform?

Firstly, i've been on PC pretty much exclusively since about 2008, but with new consoles on the horizon, and my brother getting a PS4 not so long ago for the first time in over 10 years i may consider going back to consoles. Firstly, one of the reasons i started PC gaming was how much cheaper it was, games were consistently £10-15 cheaper than console counterparts on launch, and sales were vastly superior to console. Fast forward to 2020, Cyberpunk for example, £50 on steam, for the PS4 you can get the physical copy for the same price from Amazon. I admit it is BS that you pay for psn/xbox live but honestly it still pales into comparison if you were to upgrade a PC to the point were there was a sizeable difference when comparing to consoles. Sales are comparable too Far cry 5 gold edition is just £16 right now on PSN.

Staying on the topic of cost, the price of GPU's has gone up exponentially since crypto mining was at it's peak, the problem is even after it's mostly passed the prices for gpu's have not gone down. For example, 1080ti launched at $700, 2080ti launched at $1000 and due to the uk getting shafted on pc part prices we pay at the equivalent of just under $1300 over here.

Growing up i used to watch my Uncle play alot of PC games, one that always stuck in my head was the original Deus ex the difference between that and the ps2 version i had was gigantic it looked like a completely different game. Wereas now you look at most graphics comparisons and honestly without zooming in i really struggle to tell a difference on most games, when looking at games on my brothers ps4 pro, besides frame rate i see barely any difference compared to my high end PC video's like this for example shows that it just isn't me:

Also look at these screenshots, this is uncompressed and comparing base consoles with fully maxed out PC versions:

Is there a difference in some of the shots? sure, but honestly unless you had them side by side and was actively looking for differences you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.


Optimization is also a massive thing, if you spend upwards of £1500-2000 on a PC solely to play games, the game being broken on your setup is just unacceptable, just look at the reviews for basically any AAA game on the PC and you will see people that more than surpass system requirements still having major issues. And yes i know people will claim to have already build next gen console killers for less than £600, but due to the nature of a closed system devs can optimise the games to the nth degree, there are so many issues pc's can have due to the fact there are thousands of combinations i just don't think it would be worth it over a console.

Cheaters are also a giant problem on PC, Fifa for example on the PC is just broken, the top brackets on pc are filled with cheaters, same goes for Modern Warfare and PUBG. In order for games to combat it(and piracy) invasive DRM is used that even if you don't believe they are taking data and using it even when you aren't playing, it does reduce performance in games, just look at Valorant, even if you aren't on the game it reduces performance in other games.

Reports like this:

will come true especially if gpu prices don't come down a sizeable amount and companies stick with DRM like denuvo going forward. Again, i'm just talking solely for gaming here, not if you need a powerful PC at home for work or anything. I also get this can be a touchy subject, i was in the whole PCMR camp for years, and speaking from experience, we tend to defend our platform more and come across as the jehovas witnesses of gaming due to the fact many of us spend alot more on our setups than your average person on a console. I posted it here as i want a genuine discussion and not have it turn into a giant flamewar like it would have done on other big gaming sub reddits.

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