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Is there a game out there for me?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is there a game out there for me?

Hello! I've been getting into online RPGs and MMORPGs, but I have yet to come across what I would consider my ideal game. I'm starting to think it might not exist, but if it does and it costs money, I'd like to know I'm investing in the right thing. I'm hoping someone might be able to guide me.

My mom once told me if you go clothes shopping with a very specific outfit in mind, there's a good chance you're going to do a lot of walking and end up disappointed and empty handed; so I'm not holding out for every aspect of what I want to be in one game.

I like casual, slice-of-life, daily activities outside of fighting, and so far the only online experience that has scratched that itch has been Neopets. There's an active online community, and you can just do your own thing alone. I love customization and decoration, farming, and fighting elements where you can work and fight with a team. Ideally, I'd like a game where I can own and decorate a house, and be able to customize my character for some roleplaying. Neopets is based on a website, and while I would like a 3D experience, I'd be just as happy with a browser game, if it exists.


Some games I've tried: – I enjoy Stardew Valley for it's repetitive tasks and house/land customization but I've put around 200 hours into it and it doesn't feel as fun anymore. Multiplayer made it fun again for a while but the spark faded. – Fallout 76 seems intriguing, and I'll be getting it soon, because I have a couple friends that play and I really like the ability to create buildings that other players can visit and interact with. – I just started playing MapleStory 2, and it's super cute, but it seems like a free-but-not-at-all-free pay-to-play experience, and Im not down with that. (The character customization would be so much fun if I had the money for it) – I like WoW, but $18 (CAD) a month is steep for me right now (I'm a college student, budget is tight). I'd like a one-time payment, so I can take a break here and there if I need to, but I understand with online games that's likely not an option, since servers cost money to operate and developers put in a lot of work with updates on top of the base games. – Secret World Legends I tried out recently, I like it, but it seems like you need to pay for a proper server connection, and I'm not sure it has what I want at this point, so I dont know if I want to invest in it.

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It seems like the Final Fantasy online games would be exactly what I'm looking for (active community, roleplaying, houses and decorations, character customization, teamwork, solo activities, etc.), and I might be willing to pay the monthly fee when I can afford it, but I'm wondering if there's a cheaper option that hits those same notes of gameplay? I was all-in when I heard it was around $20, but then I found out there was a monthly fee at a similar cost to WoW as well so I'm on the fence.

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