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Is there a new Everquest MMO game in development?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Is there a new Everquest MMO game in development?

So I was reading an article on
how is classic mmo everquest still alive after two decades - Is there a new Everquest MMO game in development?

PC Gamer about the 20th anniversary of the original Everquest when something in the last paragraph caught my eye:

Will EverQuest ever die? Daybreak may stop developing it eventually, but it'll always exist in some form—whether that's on community-run servers, or just in the fond memories of the thousands of people who have played and loved it over the years. But for now it shows no signs of giving up. A new expansion, The Burning Lands, was released in December last year, and another is on the way. And with a brand new game potentially on the horizon, the land of Norrath should be a home for adventurers for many more years to come.

And that was when I remembered something from about a year ago, a post on MassivelyOP article detailing information that someone claiming to be an ex-employee of Daybreak leaked on Reddit about the company's long-term plans. This person made several claims:


For somebody I originally thought was a troll this guy has had a pretty good accuracy rate on his predictions. But there is one other prediction that this leaker made:

  • Everquest 3 had been back in development for a year and was being rebuilt from the ground up. It was being designed to to compete with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and to be the first fantasy MMORPG to put an emphasis on team battle royal PvP.

Of course, Black Desert Online and Ashes of Creation have already hopped aboard the BR train but since when has stuff like that stopped SOE/Daybreak? Now PC Gamer is saying there is a potentially a new Everquest game on the horizon. So, if our leaker is as accurate as he was with his other predictions Daybreak has been working on a new Everquest MMO for roughly the last two to two-and-a-half years.

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