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Is there any games out there like Outer Wilds?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Is there any games out there like Outer Wilds?

Edit: Sorry for the grammar mistake in the title… oof

Wow. Oh wow.

I bought Outer Wilds a while ago and just last week I decided to give it a go ahead. I've seen the hype for it on some posts here and there, but really did not get my hopes up. I mean I've played exploration games before, I've played space games before, combine the two and (I assumed) you get Outer Wilds.

Well I just finished the game and I am utterly blown away. Never has a game piqued my interest from start to finish before. Of course I've played games that I was obsessed with, but this… this was a masterpiece from when you open your eyes for the first time and wander around on your home planet, to the very end, which ever end you may get.

I honestly don't even know where to start.

When I woke up for the first time I was thrilled. The music was beautiful; that being said the music throughout the game was some of the best music in a game I have ever heard. I felt compelled to explore everywhere in my own little village. It's here you get to learn about the ancient people that lived before you, the very people you are set out to learn about and discover their ancient secrets. This area also does a great job at giving you little tutorials without you realizing that what you have just learned may come in handy in the near future.

Then the statue. If you've played the game no more needs to be said. However when that statue came to life, I knew that the game had a lot more to it than I even realized. This was not your typical space/exploration game.

When I first launched into space my breath was taken away. Launching into the solar system of Outer Wilds put any other similar experience to shame (and I have a couple hours of No Man's Sky under my belt… does not compare IMO, but different games with different objectives so not completely fair to compare). The planets were all unique and I was at a lost of where to go next. Each planet beckoned me to visit. What I love though is that I almost knew which planet to visit first just by their looks: the Attlerock, Giant's Deep, Hourglass Twins, Brittle Hollow. I knew from the start that Dark Bramble, the Interloper, and the Sun Station were beasts that I was not ready for.


The story was perfectly compelling. In most games I play, I don't like to read the logs that you discover. In this game, you have no choice, and boy was I glad. The story was quite possibly the best stories in a game I've ever played. It was intricate and wonderful. They gave life to an ancient race long dead. As you discover more and more about this race you discover more and more about the solar system you inhabit. I don't want to get too involved in this aspect, but the story was done in such a way that I found myself giddy when I came across a new scroll or a location or a relic that I had yet to discover.

The ending. I unfortunately stumbled across the ending before I discovered everything, although I think I only had an hour's worth left to go. Once I realized that I was coming up to the ending I had the biggest grin on my face. My ending took me little while to get to (darn Anglerfish) but I insisted on getting to the end and knowing the secrets of the universe. I had chills, from both anticipation and genuine fear, from the start of the end (make sense? lol) to when I finally finished. Was it weird that when it ended I wanted to cry because of how beautiful the game was?

So now what? This is not a game you can go back and play. You can literally finish the game in 20 minutes once you know what to do. Are there any games out there like this? Any games that keep you wanting more?

(Also I didn't intend for this post to be like a review when I started and its my first post like this so sorry if I rambled lol)

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