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Is there anything different to the typical MMO’s?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Is there anything different to the typical MMO's?

I've seen lots of people on
MMORPG - Is there anything different to the typical MMO's?

r/MMORPG looking for something different, asking for recommendations, or suggesting that they're getting bored with the same old thing. So I decided to write this Reddit to a) hear everyone's views b) let you know about Ryzom in a hope it will give you something different to try.

What is Ryzom?

Ryzom is an MMORPG but, it's a little different (or at least I think it's different to the ones I've seen). Ryzom was first released in 2004, and is still being actively developed under the Open-Source licensing model by Ryzom-Forge.

The game mechanics are again slightly different to MMORPG's in so much that the more you practice a particular skill, the more skill points you earn which can be traded in at various trainers to improve your skills. There's 63 different skills to work on, some of them interchangeable so the opportunity exists to customise your character alongside the skills that you most prefer.

What if I don't feel like levelling skills?

That's surprisingly common on Atys.

Ryzom is an open world game and players are unrestricted in where they can go. The planet is spread across 5 different zones, Lakelands, Desert, Forest, Jungle and Prime Roots (Underground). What this means is, for players who prefer to explore, or find somewhere peaceful to relax, there's lots of scope to do both, so an opportunity to level skills at your own pace, or sit and socialise with other players.

What modes of play does Ryzom Support?

In Ryzom, all modes are supported as optional elements. This means, if you prefer PvP there are similar like-minded players and PvP is supported with a consensual PvP model (click your PvP Tag to activate it). Alongside this, Guilds often arrange Outpost wars, where they compete against each other for control of the various outposts to earn boosted materials used in crafting special items.

Equally, if you prefer PvE, there's plenty of different types of creatures roaming across Atys that will oblige, some more willing than others =). However, if you dislike PvP or even PvE, there's an Atys economy that can benefit from your Foraging & Crafting skills.

If none of the above suit your style of play, you can explore Atys, gain fame helping out all the different tribes by completing missions for them


This means that Ryzom basically has something to cater for the different preferred styles of play.

How much does Ryzom Cost?

Some MMORPG's have in game purchases, I've heard people grumble about Pay-to-Win, or Pay-to-Play. I've also seen grumbles about the daily log in rewards leaving players feeling as though, if they don't log in today they're in some way missing out.

The 63 different skills in Ryzom can be levelled from 1-250, and the game is currently Free-to-Play up to level 125. After level 125, it reverts to a monthly subscription (roughly £8 per month) and the subscription model is flexible. this means that, subscription isn't a one way street (you subscribed and can't unsubscribe). Even if you've previously subscribed, you can revert back to a Freemium model, cancel your subscription, and still log in (only levelling skills above 125 are limited).

You mention Crafting?

Ryzom has a fairly unique crafting system. You can either obtain materials for crafting by hunting the various mobs (different mobs give different materials) or by literally digging the materials from the different regions on Atys. The more you dig, the more you improve your Foraging skill, but alongside that you use the materials to improve your crafting skills. Light, Medium and Heavy armour can be crafted, as well as boosted Jewels and a whole variety of 1 handed or 2 handed weapons.

That's a lot, anything else?

Lastly, if all of the above hasn't perked your interest, there's also the Ring Terminals and Guild Islands on in Ryzom which give you an opportunity to literally own your own Island and take on the role of a Game Developer. You can decorate your Island with Buildings, decorations and even add your own Mobs. Once you're happy with the work, you can publish your island and invite other players to come take a look, or organise a social event there.

I didn't intend for this post to be so long, but there's actually quite a lot to say about Ryzom so, if you stayed with me this long then hopefully the post has been of some use to you.

A link to the official Ryzom trailer is here: Ryzom Official Trailer – 2015

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