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Is there such a thing as a “tactical ARPG”? Do you think it would be an interesting game concept?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Is there such a thing as a "tactical ARPG"? Do you think it would be an interesting game concept?

So I've been playing a lot of Divinity: Original Sin 2 recently and I really enjoyed most of the game, but I'll admit I didn't really feel much involvement in the story or the characters. By far the best aspect of the game to me was its combat system, which was weird since I usually expect RPGs to put more emphasis on the plot, to a varying degree.

And it got me thinking – I'd actually really enjoy a game with a combat system like the one in D:OS2 that fully embraced the combat/loot aspect. Basically I'm thinking about Path of Exile but with turn-based combat. The main reason I'm thinking about this, is because my poor hands and wrists just can't handle fast-paced button-smashing games but I love exploring dungeons, blowing stuff up and finding loot.

I see two big issues right off the bat with the concept: first, the number of enemies per encounter will be drastically lower. You can have 150 demons on-screen at the same time in Path of Exile, and it's not an issue since they're all dead after 2 seconds. If every single enemy is expected to have (at least) one turn, there can't be too many of them or the game becomes a waiting simulator. So you'd need a reasonable amount of mobs, but each of them would be a lot stronger than in a typical ARPG.


And the second issue is with boss fights. Boss fights are very important in an ARPG but if the combat is turn-based, you can't have things like "This minotaur has a big slam that you have to dodge" because d'uh, you're not playing during the enemy's turn. And you don't want to turn it into a pure stats check either (as in "ok I'll need 5 full turns to kill him so I need to be able to tank his attacks for 4 turns since I act first"), obviously bosses are also here to test the player's skills. I think the combat system would have to be designed with that in mind, e.g. lots of repositioning/protection abilities (so you have to anticipate what the opponent will do), or maybe some form of "interrupt" that you can use during an enemy's turn (and that they can use during yours?) with some opportunity cost such as not using all your turn's worth of actions to reserve some. (without becoming like Magic: The Gathering either)

What do you guys think? Would it be interesting? Are there games that approach this concept already? (when I checked Google for similar ideas, D:OS2 was the recommendation that came up most often)

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