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It Takes Two is one of the most inventive game to come out in the last 10 years

Gamingtodaynews1e - It Takes Two is one of the most inventive game to come out in the last 10 years

I've been playing through It Takes Two with a friend. We were both initially drawn to it because of the Pixar-like aesthetic design and of course because of the whole coop story aspect. I thought it was going to be a mediocre game only elevated by the fact that it has a coop story, just like it's spiritual predecessor by the same studio – A Way Out. But it ramps EVERYTHING up to eleven.

I do not want to spoil the game for anyone, and by spoil I mean tell you what mechanics are introduced. But let me tell you, it introduces something completely new and fresh in each and every level. The game has no breaks AT ALL and keeps switching gears both in in terms of the locale aesthetic and the gameplay mechanic before anything is remotely close to stale.

I would recommend this to pretty much everyone who has a friend, SO, or sibling they can play with. The game is definitely a fun amount of challenging in a lot of portions but it doesn't get too advanced – so anyone can pick it up and play. We are only 9 hours in yet and we've already seen enough content and mechanics to be turned into 5 or more separate games.


MECHANICS SPOILERS: I'm not spoiling the story or anything. But for people who don't mind being spoiled what exactly are the mechanics I'm talking about. There is a level where I got a nail and my friend got a hammer. The nail can be thrown and stuck on walls, and be recalled – a mechanic I've only seen in GOW. And the hammer – well, smashes things. But it also can be used to platform around areas where nails are stuck, which leads to amazing platforming puzzles. There is a section where I was given a goo shooter and my friend was given rocket launchers. The rocket blows up the goo and can be conducted around, which leads to amazing puzzles and combat. The goo also has weight which can be used to solve puzzles too and open up paths. Then there was a level where my friend got gravity shoes to walk all over specific walls and ceiling, and I got the ability to become huge or tiny like Antman. Then there was a portion where it turned into a 2D platformer. Another where I was flying a plane and my friend was in a full-on "KO" Fighting Game on top of it. Another where it turns into an isometric RPG where I was a mage and my friend was a warrior with different abilities and a really fun combat system. And the latest one where I had the ability to reverse and control time, and my friend had the ability to leave clones at specific locations – both of which synergize to create these amazing set pieces and puzzles. And this is not including the tons of side activities and competitive games you run into on the way I'm sure I'm literally forgetting a lot of the things, there's so many. And this is all within 9 hours. We still haven't got to the end. And all of these different mechanics have really fun and interesting boss fights that go really well with them.

This has unironically raised the bar for what a AAA game can and should be in our eyes. A must-play through and through.

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