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It’s a shame that Everquest 2 didn’t really get a chance

Gamingtodaynews1e - It's a shame that Everquest 2 didn't really get a chance

Back during the launch of EQ2, I and a bunch of friends decided to give it a shot over WoW. That lasted all of a few weeks before we were off in Azeroth for a good 2 years. It was just a better game and half my group could barely run EQ2 on low settings.

It was always in the back of our minds though. We all played Everquest before WoW, so the idea of a modernized game in that world was really appealing to us. I think it was around 2008 when we all decided to give WoW a break and dig into other MMORPGS out of boredom. EQ2 came up and we hopped over there fully expecting to quit immediately.

Holy shit were we wrong. The game was… actually really good. Before WoW had that "just do dungeons to level" experience, EQ2 already had it. Our group followed the dungeon timeline and just crawled our way to level cap. It was an absolute blast. Something new to mmos back then, and super refreshing to not have to do bland quests after years of doing them in WoW.

And while you do that, you hunt down named mobs as a side character upgrade gaining Alternate Advancement points, giving you yet another completely new way to progress your character. It was super fun running around tracking down named leveling all of our trees, and those trees were absolutely massive. Something WoW just lacked now as everything was more and more simplified.

Shiny hunting, crafting actually being useful, decking our houses out in cool shit. I actually went with carpentry as a tradeskill just because housing was so fun.


Then we hit endgame and wow, dungeons were actually hard. This was before WoW had any kind of challenging 5 man group content. You all probably remember how piss-easy heroic dungeons were. EQ's Shadow Odyssey expansion comes in and half the group content isn't even being cleared regularly just due to the difficulty. We had an absolute blast going through it all, gearing up through each dungeon until we hit the hardest ones, mastering the final few that almost no one could do and selling the loot rights off to deck our houses out in even more cool shit. Eventually we got into raiding which in itself was a blast, since they had "avatar" bosses all around the world to fight over with other guilds, and instances on the side.

I can honestly say I had way more fun in my EQ2 year than I ever did in WoW outside of PVP. Unfortunately the game has a microscopic budget and only got smaller over time, so most expansions after the one we played were pretty unbalanced and broken. Even loot has been completely bastardized by a rogue dev that came in and assigned every stat to every item for some ungodly reason. During that peak Kunark/shadow odyssey era though, it was by far the best single group game in the MMO world.

I hope someone tries to emulate it some day. I'd be there in a heartbeat. It's a shame most people didn't get to experience that middle-age fun the game had. It started off so bad that it really killed it's future, and now going back it's a mess. It's the most disappointing thing ever.

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