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It’s more than just Damage

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I am referring to COD MW, but these concepts apply to a lot of online shooters.

What goes into the overall damage output of a weapon?

It's not magic. There a many things that go into it.

Primarily Rate of Fire, and no I'm not talking about RPM (rounds per Minute). I'm talking Round Per Second. Do you have 900 rounds in that mag? No. You have enough to pop off for two to three seconds.

Then there is damage dealt. You can measure that in DPS, but you need damage per round in order to get that number. DPS can help gauge your TTK but doesn't govern it. AND BOTH OF THOSE?!?!? They're affected by,… can you guess it?

DAMAGE FALL OFF! If you guessed that pretend I gave you a cookie. There is bullet travel, IE velocity, but I'm not looking at that right now. I just came up with a way to measure that, but that won't be until I dive into Cold War, I also believe it will applicable in Warzone as well. There is a reason you have to lead your targets afterall.

So what am I jabbering about? I'm jabbering about something I've been doing in this "the outside will literally kill you" time of ours.

I made a spreadsheet looking at how many shots to kill with the SMGs in MW.

Yup. I'm that guy. I'm amused by breaking things down to their core and figuring out how they work. Maybe it's the mechanic in me, but yeah.

I just finished putting together a video comparing the UZI PP19 and MP7 and it illustrates some interesting things within and when you compare the MP7 to the MP5 in the first one I did. Yes they are rough around the edges. I'm new at this and technical software doesn't like me. GIMP is my only friend.

If you want a closer look with charts you can go here:



So let's hop to it.


Between the two Videos I measured the damage efficiency of the AUG, P90, MP5, UZI, PP19 and the MP7 at various ranges. I'm currently working on editing the third and final video for the SMG class in MW.

Let's take a look at 20 feet. The Shots to kill someone is almost an even split between taking 3, of which 5 guns do, and taking 4 of which 4 guns do. That means guns taking 3 shots deal 33 damage and guns taking 4 deal 25 damage per round. But that doesn't automatically make the 3 pumps and done SMGs better. We have fire rate, I measure per second because screw per minute. How often are we laying down suppression fire anyway?

The fastest RPS belongs to the Fennec at a value of 18 and it deals 25 damage per shot. So you might think the Fennec has the fastest Time to Kill. YOUD BE WRONG. It has a kill time of 166 milliseconds and is tied with the AUG that fires 12 rounds per second and has a damage value of 33 per round. See how that works. The fastest kill time belongs to the MP5 at 142 milliseconds and it fires 14 rounds per second.

By the way, that's the only time the MP5 has the fastest kill time of the ranges I measured.

Surprisingly, the UZI and it's on paper counter part the PP19 has some interesting stuff going on. They have an identical RPS of 10, Per round damage and damage falloff values until 100 feet when they diverge. They both have a TKK of 200 milliseconds at 40 feet.

In fact those two are matched by the Striker and ISO. The Striker matches them at 20 and 40 feet but that's it, it has lowest falloff of any SMG, carries the lowest TTK with no counter parts at 60 and takes the least shots to kill at 80 and 100 feet. But it's low fire rate of 10 doesn't allow it to hold the fastest kill time at those higher ranges.

The guns on paper, with recoil and ADS not in play, are surprisingly balanced.

Hope this blithering idiot helped illustrate there is more to damage just, well… how far you can push that damage bar. Have a good one!

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