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It’s not nostalgia goggles. Why does everyone always cling to this?

Gamingtodaynews1g - It's not nostalgia goggles. Why does everyone always cling to this?

It still amazes me that despite the success of all of these oldschool servers that bring back "the old days", people still think every argument that says older MMORPGS were better claim that it's all nostalgia goggles.

Are new MMORPGS introducing things that are positive overall for the genre? Of course they are. There are a lot of things I appreciate about modern WoW that I miss in older renditions of it. I like that fluff items are account oriented now rather than single character. I like that I can play super casually for an expansion and still see the story content via LFR if I don't have time for legit raiding. These, in my opinion, are good things.

I don't like that every single new MMORPG has bland constantly upgrading loot though. I don't have any care about my gear anymore singe it's all generic numbers. I don't like that "megaservers" have completely killed the concept of server community. I don't like that everything is instanced now and "online massive multiplayer" games are basically gutted solo experiences now. I don't like that devs aren't able to add some mystery or randomness in order to appeal to people that need to min/max.

It wasn't just thottbott/wowhead ruining it. Everquest for example has always had Allakhazam's to look up anything you damn well pleased. Loot drops have always been listed there, quests are step-by-step, boss strategies in the comments. This isn't a new concept, we had it plenty back then. Even Ultima Online had UO stratics which again, listed everything you could possibly want.


Old games were just better in creating actual online worlds. They were longer, less top heavy. Good loot was rare and it felt amazing to get it because it made a significant impact and probably replaced something you got weeks ago. There weren't "nodes" to min from or specific areas to do things, it was just everywhere. You could mine in the middle of nowhere or right in the city in UO. There were overpowered builds that took a year to level into and were rare simply because they were hard to attain. No one thought "nerf tamers!", they thought "wow that dude put a ton of time in, maybe I'll do that some day".

I just started up on ultima online outlands and am having a blast. Everyone told me it was nostalgia fueling my dreamy eyed rants about how much better UO was, but here I am experiencing a 2020's version that is just as fun as it was back when I was a kid. These games were what an online world should be. Less boundaries and more flexibility so you can really set out and do your own thing.

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