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It’s not social interaction you want, it’s social domination.

Gamingtodaynews1f - It's not social interaction you want, it's social domination.

Feel free to come up with a better term, but let me explain it in League of Legends terms since that's about par for what the MMORPG wants from their experience.

That is teammates who don't feed, know their champions, all in sync with you, yourself, the leader, being the mega carry held to some impossible idea of "skill" which is….something involving mechanics and game knowledge.

What I mean is, one of the things that players don't want is to spend longer than the breath it would take to tell someone "go read a guide." Nobody wants to teach, nobody wants to engage, and fewer are willing to wait the extra second it would take to wait out a cutscene for someone who hasn't seen the story (looking at you, GW2 dungeon runners).

It seems to me that people want a guild of people who are always available to raid, set up with the perfect gear, knowing the exact rotations, and deathly silent the entire way. Maybe not that last part, you want to dictate where the healer should go and micromanage, the perfect team that doesn't exist. This is the "Impossible Dream" when people have work, school, family obligations, or emergencies.

Since the rise of the XBox into the gaming market, it feels like video games have become less entertainment and more of a job, something you are almost required to do. It is a chore you log in, do your dailies, and go about your day, something that I find slightly annoying because I treat them more like a movie or a book, an activity to relax and unwind.

If I wanted to stress myself the fuck out, I'd spend all the money I have before bills are paid. How would you feel if people pushed you constantly to move forward all the time?


I've lived in Chicago so I know that feeling. Can't stop for a moment or you'll get run over, who wants to play for an hour like that? What do you get out of it?

Most of the blame comes from the fact that the advent of internet has give us limitless access to information of all kinds which killed off the general casuals such as myself or pushed them to the two extremes. There is no reason not to know how to do Ragnaros, what to build on a cleric, or what ability to level on Bloodseeker. People have no patience and would prefer to group with veterans than have a single new player on their team.

A while back, I had the joy of teaching someone how to jump in Guild Wars 2. Any other person would have flipped their shit and yelled "OMG, UNINSTALL RIGHT NOW!" We live in an era of information making social interactions obsolete, teaching by way of having someone watch a video, you don't play a video game, you learn it. There is no fun, only endgame, the entire purpose is to do rotations and that's it.

Other ways to make a veteran gamer cry? "Is 2H longsword good on Warlock? What is Eye of Beholden do?" and my favorite "What button does this?" The first answer to all of this is Google it, that's not social interaction and any attempt to mitigate it creates frustration for players who treat time as a currency that is valuable to spend.

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