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It’s okay to have a favorite game or game series while having only played it a handful of times or even once.

Gamingtodaynews1b - It's okay to have a favorite game or game series while having only played it a handful of times or even once.

This extends to many things beyond games as well (movies, books, hobbies, etc.), but I'll keep it to gaming specifically.

Too often I've seen people say that they're a TRUE fan of a game because they've put a thousand hours into the game while knowing every piece of trivia about it. It's a closed minded approach to liking something that I don't agree with.

For example, the Resident Evil series is by far my favorite game series. I've only played each game a few times, but that's what makes me enjoy each playthrough so much. I forget where things are, where to go, or how to solve certain puzzles sometimes, and it almost gives me the feeling that I'm playing it for the first time again. I love that feeling so much of not anticipating everything and being caught off guard. Each playthrough is special to me because I haven't played the game to death.

I think some gamers try to gatekeep having a favorite game simply because someone doesn't know every detail about the game or hasn't played the game a thousand times. I recently watched someone do a run of REmake (The Sphere Hunter, if anyone is interested. She's great!), and there were a few things she said while running it that bothered me just a little bit. I've heard others say something similar, but I'm using this as an example.

In the armor room in the mansion, there's a puzzle where you have to push pieces of armor in a specific order to get a key item. She messed it up on the first try, and she kept saying "Oh man, I'm so rusty!" and seemed a bit disappointed with herself and made an excuse that she hasn't played it for at least a month. I thought it was great that she messed up on it because it showed that she's not a "master" of the game or anything (even if she is a master of unlocking.)


Later on she quoted something Jill Valentine said before saying it, and she said something like "Of course I know every line in the game. It's my favorite game!"

I know people enjoy games in different ways. For some people, knowing every detail is the way they like to enjoy their game. However, for people like me it's okay to be a "casual" at a game and still classify it as your favorite. I've had moments when I've told people Resident Evil is my favorite and their instant response is something like "Oh, I bet you've played it like a million times then!" That shouldn't be the criteria for it being your favorite at all.

For me, the criteria is what games bring me the most pleasure while playing them and thinking/ talking about them. If I'm playing a game where I'm just on autopilot while playing it, then it's not likely to be a contender for favorite. I like being immersed in the games, and taking long breaks in between playthroughs keeps that immersion for me. So while I've only played each Resident Evil game a handful of times, they're still my favorite.

Anybody else think this way or think contrary to me? I'm interested in knowing how other people classify their "favorite" games and what criteria they use to determine it!

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