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Its weird how NPCs have perfect grammar in every game

Gamingtodaynews1b - Its weird how NPCs have perfect grammar in every game

I'm not a native speaker of the English language. While I think that I'm pretty decent at speaking and writing english, it's still a foreign language to me. I have been wondering and also a bit annoyed by the perfect English every single NPC speaks and writes in every game I've ever played basically ever. I was reminded by this weird issue by Cyberpunk and all the text logs it has just now, so I thought I'd bring it up here.

It's super weird how there are no typos what so ever in any text log we read in a video game. It's allways just perfect English. Even if the character we meet is clearly a non native speaker and they have an accent thicker than the walls of Fort Knox, they still avoid all grammatical mistakes any non native (or native for that matter) might make. Their very keen on not mixing up they're with there, and have a innatte ability to distinguish between a and an. Its easy to misplace a ' when coming from a language that doesnt use apostrophes, but somehow those thingies always find they're place in video games.

Another weird thing is the sheer number of words our NPCs seem to know, even when their grammar is otherwise on a caveman level (which in video games is basically the only alternative to super fluent English with an accent).



Weird huh? Now there might have seen characters who just don't know the term in the language they're speaking with the player character and have to kinda grasp for it or work their way around it. If I've ever seen one in a game… I have… I umm. There's a word for it… Muistinmenetys maybe you know it? No? Loss of the memory kind? I mean, it's kinda medical sounding term, I think it starts with an A. There was a horror game series by that name at some point.

This not a huge issue, it's barely an issue at all really. It's just something I've noticed and something I'd quite like to see someone try to innovate upon. But then again, reading text like I've just written in a game would probably not make a profound impact on the players, instead of evoking anger at the quality assurance people and the devs for being shitty and full of typos.

P.S. I know that absence of typos can be explained away with psell check (mine is fairly red right now) if the game takes place in the future or current day. But that sounds like a hand warm explanation to me. How about all the idioms and sayings the non natives try to just directly translate to english that don't make too much sense?

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