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I’ve been playing Albion Online on mobile (Android) and while I’m not far into the game, it honestly has the one thing I feel is missing from Old School Runescape.

Gamingtodaynews1f - I've been playing Albion Online on mobile (Android) and while I'm not far into the game, it honestly has the one thing I feel is missing from Old School Runescape.

… a fun enough combat system. I love Runescape. Idk what it was about RS2 but to me, between the grind, free skill system, world and quest system was all fantastically done and that's what I've always loved about it. But if I had to point out any RS2 / OSRS flaws, it would probably only be the combat system. In the Runescape community I'd be considered the extremely unpopular opinion but I think the combat is the most boring and disappointing part of the game. The OSRS community will swear by it, tell you it doesn't need to change, or whatever, and that's probably true. But to be honest, I can see why RS3 tried to move on with the combat back in 2012. It's just flat out unengaging in OSRS.

I just wanted a nice mobile game that I could spend a ton of time in when I'm just bored and don't feel like playing games on my TV, but something with obvious quality. OSRS was easily the most obvious choice. I got my combat skills and a few gathering skills way higher than I ever did as a kid and that felt great – especially doing it on a phone. The problem is almost every aspect of the combat is so unengaging that I actually found myself looking for ways to skip/boost combat levels through questing rather than actually fighting. Because in essence, conbat is just like gathering where you just stand still and wait for ticks – except you have to click on a piece of food every now and then while staring at blue 0s. I found myself getting burnt out too easily and I think that may have been why I never got to high levels as a kid. I don't mind gathering being pretty afk to be honest as that's kind of the beauty of the game, especially on mobile. But when every aspect of the game is afk (barring bosses every once in a great while) it kind of gets boring. It almost gets to the point where you're not really playing anymore.


I found out Albion Online is technically available on Mobile and I heard it's pretty good, so I tried it out. It feels somewhat like OSRS with gathering and crafting but with a bit more modern approach. But I can immediately see the difference between the two: in Albion you get combat skills that you can use (albeit only like 3 skills at a time) and right away they have you fighting mages that force you to avoid AoEs that deal pretty big damage while 2 other melee bandits are ticking your health down. Meanwhile you gain access to a cleave skill that hits all enemies around you and raises attack power or something for every enemy hit – but you see what I mean. OSRS isn't like that, and it's probably not ever meant to be like that, I guess. But if OSRS had stuff like that it would be perfect imo. I use the point-touch control system in Albion instead of the gamepad control style that every mobile game has and it feels really good (I have a Galaxy Note 20).

I'm not bashing Old School Runescape. I still love it and the nostalgia it brings. But I find myself too easily getting burnt out to justify the subscription. I just wanted to say that if there are people out here who feel the way I do about OSRS but are looking for a similar genrral experience (maybe even on mobile) that feels a bit more engaging in the combat, maybe try Albion. I'm personally not far into Albion and my opinion could be subject to change but it's got that grindy gathering aspect that I love from OSRS while using an almost MOBA-like combat system that is surprisingly engaging. The only thing I'm unsure of and looking forward to seeing is the quest system and how engaging that is.

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