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I’ve been playing Istaria – small niche mmo

Gamingtodaynews1e - I've been playing Istaria - small niche mmo

Hey guys, for the last week and a half I've plunged myself fully into Istaria and oh boy let me tell you it's a blast. It's not without it's quirks, by quirks there are from time to time some interesting client to server desync issues where mobs appear to be one place but aren't actually there. Outside of that I haven't personally experienced any game breaking bugs.

So why am I playing this game?

I've been looking for something different, familiar to some degree and I stumbled upon Istaria through some google searches. The most important thing to note so far is just how difficult it is to play this game. It's incredibly deep when it comes to classes, they're called "schools" in this game. Depending on whether you're playing a "biped" two legged race, or a Dragon, which is one of the niches of this game. Yes you can play a fully grown dragon at some point. Playing as a biped is extremely difficult and is a refreshing change, at least for me. I was shocked at just how weak you are starting out and how every choice you make in a battle is crucial and can really impact the outcome. This was super nice and why I'm recommending this game right now.

Important things to know.

I'm going to quickly make a list of things I feel are important to know about this game with a short description.

Massive world – but it feels empty most of the time because of lack of players. I don't think this is a terrible thing personally as I'm used to playing alone most of the time. I think there are peak 60+ people playing at any given time. Despite the world being big, I do see people consistently, there's a lot of need to travel to various areas regardless of your level.


The game does require a subscription to play past level 15 – I was a little skeptical of paying for a game I did not know anything about. I went for it anyway and I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed. It's a pay as you go model, so you don't get reoccurring charges. There are other services the game offers I've not explored, for instance you can upgrade your account which allows you to own player made structures. As far as I know it's not necessary to own your own land/house nor does it impede gameplay.

Lastly I would say it's important to understand that there are huge differences in gameplay between bipeds and dragons. Dragons are much much easier to play. I did make a dragon character to contrast and I have to say it doesn't even compare. That's not to say that there isn't any challenge at all while playing a dragon but it definitely does feel like you're uber powerful at times. I've been told that dragons later on in the end game are not as powerful as bipeds, not even close according to veteran players.

That's just a really quick summary of my current observations and thoughts of the game. I'm still learning a lot about the various systems, give the game a try if you haven't, it wont be for everyone 🙂

Quick edit, just wanted to add, if anyone decides to check the game outs and has no idea how to contact people for help there's a ! in the chat box bottom right of the window that allows you to join chat channels. There's a new player help one as well as a marketplace.

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