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I’ve played a lot of mobile MMOs in the past few months… here’s what I enjoyed. Hope it can help people that are asking about those

Gamingtodaynews1g - I’ve played a lot of mobile MMOs in the past few months... here’s what I enjoyed. Hope it can help people that are asking about those

Hi all!

I’ve seen so many times the “what’s a good mmo for mobile” question that I thought I could share my experiences, since I’ve played a lot of them… probably a little too much to be honest.

So, first of all, all mmos I am gonna cover are the non-autoplay ones, as I can’t stand autoplay, I’ve tried, many times, but it just doesn’t work. I feel I am not playing, and I get the feeling everyone are bots …

One last thing, you’re very welcome to share your thoughts and opinions, but this post is for people who would like to play an MMO on their mobile devices, so, try to not bring your worst side in the comments, that won’t be useful to anyone…

Ok, so let’s get this started !

Villagers and Heroes

This one is my all time favourite ! It's a tab targeting cross-platform with pc full fledged MMO, with pretty much everything in it (gathering, crafting, ranching, gardening, combat, quests, events zones, etc…) and without the stuff i dislike, such as that stupid autoplay mechanic most mobile MMOs are featuring.

One warning though, if PVP is a very important feature to you, as in, you can't enjoy a game without it, please note there's no PVP in Villagers and Heroes.

The community is what makes me log in everyday, people are all very nice and helpful, and it's always fun to just chat in the world chat… most of the time, it's just crazy fun 🙂

The dev team is small, but they're very close to their players. They chat with us on the discord channel, answer questions on the forums and do livestreams from time to time.

The game has been live since 2011, and an expansion just lauched a few weeks ago, so it's definitely a great time to start playing it, or comeback to it.

Hope to see you there !


Villagers and Heroes is free to play, with an optional subscription that gives free travels and exp bonus.

The cash shop consist of cosmetic and convenience options (bag space, mounts, outfits, etc.)


Unlike Villagers and Heroes, which is more of a theme park MMO, Utopia:Origin is a sandbox one.

There's no quests, but you can do pretty much everything you want. You can take as pet or mount about every creatures in the game, you can build your house (the building interface is really impressive) and of course there's the usual gathering, crafting and combat.

What i like about this game is the freedom it gives, and how open world it is. you can have flying mounts, and … there's NO. LOADING. SCREENS. Yes that's right, once you're in the game, you can travel the whole world without getting any loading screens. Can’t be much more open world than that!

There's 2 types of servers, one is pve, called peace server, and the other, called chaos server, is pvp.

Note that you can still pvp in the pve servers, but both players have to agree to it by turning the pvp mode on. On pvp servers, you can get attacked pretty much everywhere, and you can get your stuff stolen.

And when I say there's freedom in the game, i mean, you can fly, you can sail a boat, you can even climb trees, i mean… come on!

Come join the fun !


Utopia: Origin is free to play, and the store features a lot of stuff, cosmetic and non-cosmetic items. A lot of the items sold are quite expensive, and I believe it could make the pvp aspect of the game p2w. I didn't experienced anything bad on the pve side monetization wise.


This one is quite new to me, but it's been in developpment for the past 3 years or so.

It's a 1 man developped sandbox MMO, that features a minecraft like building system, and gorgeous landscapes and monsters !

There's quite a lot to do, and the player base seems small but they’re very committed to the game.

The dev, Frank "Firefly" Lukas is so passionate about his game it's contagious, I couldn't help but to fall in love with that game and it's world.

From the official website: "Explore endless magical worlds and battle fearsome creatures alongside millions of friends. Unleash your imagination by crafting beautiful buildings. Play and enjoy Angeldust everywhere: on your personal computer, your tablet and your phone."


Angeldust is free to play, there's not even a cash shop, as the dev is not interested by that kind of model. Right now the game is free 2 play, but soon it is planned to become a one time purchase fee, then you play all you want, without a cash shop.

Dofus Touch

This one is quite peculiar, and one of the only one if it’s kind.

The combat is turned based, which is definitely weird when you begin. But I’ve played it for almost a year, and had quite some fun with it.

The lore is great, quests are fun to do, and there’s all the gathering and crafting you could want.


Note that it’s developed by a French company, and from what I can tell, most of the player base is speaking french.


Dofus Touch is a free to play game, with a cosmetic cash shop and an optional subscription that gives an exp boost.

World of Prandis

I don’t have a lot to say about this one, I mean, I liked it, it play like a theme park mmo, but there’s not really any story driven quest.

It’s the king of convenience though. You can queue for dungeon, and it automatically finds a party for you; starting level 30 you automatically get a flying mount, and there’s quite a lot to do (fishing probably being my favourite lifeskill)

What this game does great is the combat system. Each class have 2 stances, and that brings a great dynamic, the combats feels more exciting than most other MMOs on this list.

Just wish there was a story… or a purpose…


World of Prandis is free to play, and there’s a heavy cash shop. There’s like 3 currencies, not counting irl money, and it can get a little convoluted.

There’s a lot of cosmetic stuff, but also some kind of lootboxes for weapons upgrades and such. Feels this one is quite p2w if you’re huge on competition.

I didn’t felt the need to spend money for the few weeks I’ve played it.

Adventure Quest 3D

Still in development, this one is getting better and better each months that passes. It’s cross-platform with PC which is a big plus.

The game features a very interesting humour, it looks great and they are adding new features about every months (sometimes 2-3 months) and it plays great.

You can switch class at anytime, but the combat is a little simplistic, since there’s only 4 skills per class… but I’ve managed to died many time, as the battles can get pretty difficult.

Still, I am interested to see what this game will become with time.


AQ3D is a free to play game, with a cash shop that mostly consist of cosmetic items, and a few convenience ones.

There’s a class that can only be unlocked if you buy it (iirc it’s around $30) but I think it’s totally fair.

Durango: Wildlands

An extremely polished sandbox mmo, where you can tame dinosaurs and build your campement.

There’s a lot to do, life skills and all, and the survival aspect is great. You have to eat, drink, wear appropriate clothes if it’s too hot or too cold,

There’s a nice player economy, since you can’t master all the skills. So if you’re great at cooking, you might not be that great at getting rare ore to make tools, or vice-versa. You can buy what you need from the auction house, it works really great.


Durango is a free to play mmo with a cash shop full of cosmetics, and some kind of vip system. I never spent a dime on the game, so idk how bad it can get.

I didn’t felt forced to buy stuff from the cash shop…

Old School Runescape

I mean … what can I say that hasn’t been said about OSRS…

It’s cross-platform with the PC version, and it plays great.

The quests are optional but super well done, the world is huge, and there’s no cash shop.

One thing to note: if you want to be able to access all the zones, you’ll have to pay a membership fee (it can be obtained through ingame currency, but if you’re new, might as well pay the sub fee. It’s around $12 a month, and yes, it’s worth it)

That’s all folks, those are only my opinions, but I hope some of you will be able to find something they enjoy, because yes, there’s enjoyable mobile MMOs, it’s not all doom and gloom.

I would like to end up on some “honorable mentions” of non-autoplay MMOs that I didn’t enjoyed that much, but that deserved recognition…

Toram Online

It’s ok, the story could be great but the localisation is not that great, and I can’t stand the numerous loading screens. Gosh, you get a loading screen when you open the menu …

Sword art online: integral factor

Idk, I think the gacha aspect is just not my thing, and for some reason I just wasn’t able to get into it.

Combat is cool though, and if you’re into SAO, the story is still enjoyable to follow.

Forgotten tales

It’s cross-platform…. there’s people who definitely enjoy it … but omg, it’s so slow… like, very slow ….

Just wanted to mention it seems I think it’s very unknown, and might be an hidden gem for someone.

Ok! It’s enough, go, and try to enjoy your mobile mmos, or you know, whatever makes you happy!!!!

Cheers !

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