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I’ve pretty much hit my limit with battle/season passes and concluded we need a secondary option for unlocking their content after paying for the pass.

Gamingtodaynews1g - I’ve pretty much hit my limit with battle/season passes and concluded we need a secondary option for unlocking their content after paying for the pass.

That title probably sucks, so here’s a better explanation.

Battle passes, season passes, outlaw passes, whatever you wanna call it. There’s too many of them, and I find myself getting burnt out too quickly to keep up with even one game.

Red Dead Online, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Call Of Duty, Destiny 2, etc. They all have these passes now and they’re essentially your best option for getting new content. However the gaming ecosystem is flooded with too many and I don’t feel the player is given the proper options for obtaining the content.

Let’s look at any of these passes. We’ll take rocket leagues rocket pass since I’m playing it right now. 100 levels, something to unlock every level if you buy it. But wait, you bought it and yet you still have to work to unlock it? I don’t see too much issue with that, though it is a bit redundant. Okay, so what if I don’t want to grind or don’t have the time to unlock everything throughout the season? What are my options?

Pay extra or miss out completely. Well let’s see I’m level 40 now, how much to unlock everything that’s left? $80. EXCUSE ME? You want $80 to unlock the remaining content I already bought access to? That’s more than a next gen PS5 game, and those prices already went up. So if I don’t pay that then I’m screwed? I miss out on all that remaining content I already payed for?

This is my issue, there’s no real alternative that makes any sense, especially financially. I already payed them $10, now they want AT LEAST $40 for every 30 levels if I wanted the best "deal". That’s roughly $130 more to unlock the content I payed $10 for. If played long enough and unlocked everything with just xp, I wouldn’t be paying them anymore money. But yet if I don’t finish the pass before the season ends I don’t have access to what’s left? Shouldn’t everything that’s remaining just unlock at that point? They’re still not getting more money from me, so what do they lose by locking away that content forever? If I do spend enough time unlocking everything then I’m just going to get burnt out from it all.

I don’t think I’ve managed to complete more than 2 full passes for any one game before I’m just sick of the game completely. Now I’ve stopped playing and they missed out on my money. And if I’m playing more than 1 of these games at once, well now it’s just a nightmare unless I’m Bill Gates.


See this whole thing stemmed from my currently in progress pass from Destiny 2. I’m currently not interested in playing the game, but I have a half finished pass and I’d like to have what’s remaining in case I return to the game some day, but grinding is pretty much out of the question. So now I’ve wasted my money and I’m even less likely to buy another pass that I know I’ll never finish. And that burnt out feeling is amplified.

So 1 of 3 things needs to change.

1) These passes need to take less time to complete, and by a considerable amount. Making me play more doesn’t just create for time in a day. If I only have X amount of time to play, then that’s all you’re going to get from me. So whether it takes 10 hours to get to lvl 100, or 100 hours, I’m still playing the game the same amount. It’s just that I have a much better chance of finishing in 10 hours.

2) All remaining awards from the current pass should automatically unlock if I payed for the pass. Most passes reward enough premium currency to purchase the next seasons pass. The devs are losing out on money this way, but in its current form it works because everyone else buying things are offsetting those lost costs. So if I actually buy that seasons pass, I should unlock whatever is remaining at the end of the season.

3) Passes should stay available at all times no matter what season the game is currently on. All earned xp will count towards each equally. This allows everyone to play at their own pace, helping combat burn out and making sure returning players aren’t punished for not devoting their life to a pass in the allotted time frame. And it combats fomo, which I believe has a negative impact on games. Returning and brand new players won’t have to miss out and past content. It also gives them the choice as to what they spend their money on. And if they can work on multiple seasons at once at their own pace, then they might be willing to spend more money at a time.

I know this post is long and a bit of a ramble. But I’m tired of having all of these passes with shitty money sucking schemes and rules that really benefit nobody. Sure having time limits might force some to spend more money purchasing levels. But for someone like me it’ll just irritate me, keep me from returning, or keep me from spending more money in general. Nobody can keep up with it all, most don’t have bags of cash to throw at the screen 24/7, plenty just don’t have the time for even one game. It’s stupid in every way. Too many games competing for your money and time, and they should be working together to benefit everyone.

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